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20 May

Laser-Engraving Faux Wood into Precision Board HDU

A customer contacted us wondering if they could create a faux wood pattern on Precision Board HDU using their laser system.  They did not own a CNC and were trying to get a competitive advantage with what they had in house for equipment.  We reached out to our friends at Trotec Laser and asked them..

05 Apr

Kern Laser: Settings for Laser-Engraving Precision Board HDU

We often get asked if Precision Board HDU can be cut with a laser jet.  Absolutely!  To show what kind of fine detail can be engraved into our material, we reached out to Kern Laser and asked them to laser cut something cool into a sample of PBLT-20 Precision Board HDU.  The results are spectacular..

04 Dec

Trotec Laser Engraving of Precision Board HDU PBLT-15

  Are you wondering if Precision Board HDU can be cut with a laser-engraver?  Absolutely!  Our friends at Trotec Laser cut a variety of shapes out of a piece of PBLT-15 Precision Board, including our logo and a highly-detailed relief and sent us setting information.  You can see photos and watch videos below of Precision..

05 Jun

Laser Engraving and Precision Board HDU

  • June 5, 2017
  • Admin

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about whether or not Precision Board HDU can be laser engraved.  It absolutely can!  We decided to take a closer look at laser cutters in general and how they interact with our HDU material.  Our good friend Jim Dawson from Synergy Sign & Graphics LLC tested out..