Coastal Enterprises Offers New Incentives For Distribution Abroad

Worldwide Demand Creates Global Sales Opportunities For Precision Board Distribution

Coastal Enterprises announces it has initiated a new “International Pathways” program to meet growing demand for distributors in Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, Mexico and Asia. The program identifies immediate Precision Board Plus HDU sales opportunities for distributors currently serving the aerospace, composites, marine and signage industries.

Through state-of-the-art sales and training webinars for distributors and customers alike, a pre-qualified leads program, multi-lingual online resource database, and inventory incentives, International Pathways streamlines bringing a product to market and identifying applications within markets serviced.

“Because the distributors we are targeting already serve the aerospace, composites, marine or signage industries, many of their customers already have applications for Precision Board”, says Kellie Miller, Customer Relations Manager at Coastal Enterprises. “A natural sense of wanting to help your customer only comes with accurate knowledge of the product you are presenting and that’s what we communicate in our International Pathways program.”

As a firmly established tooling board and sign substrate manufacturer, Coastal knows what customers want with a rigid polyurethane board. Precision Board Plus high density urethane (HDU), provides an economical advantage in many applications, such as 3-d signage, prototyping, thermoforming, composite layup tooling, pattern making, model making, vacuum forming, high-temperature composite tooling and tool proofing.

“One of the key benefits of Precision Board is the time it saves over other materials, such as metal, when being CNC machined”, says Danny Lotz, Sales Manager at Coastal Enterprises, “Precision Board HDU also offers more flexibility for design changes, which is becoming increasingly more important as many businesses transition to a LEAN Manufacturing doctrine.”

Precision Board Plus is also an industry-leading sign substrate used for dimensional signage. According to Lotz, “The absence of wood grain, ease-of-cutting or sandblasting, and custom-sheet sizes save a lot of the hands-on labor/bonding time required with other substrates. In addition, because it is certified eco-friendly, Precision Board offers a long-term, sustainable solution that is attractive to both environmentally-conscious customers and sign shop owners.”

Distributors interested in attending a Precision Board webinar, or obtaining more information on available opportunities, should contact Kellie Miller, Customer Relations Manager at Coastal Enterprises, at hdu(at)precisionboard(dot)com.

Coastal Enterprises has been an innovator and leading manufacturer of urethane products since 1973. A large inventory, fast shipping, and comprehensive product line provide a secure foundation for distributors interested in expanding their product line. Coastal manufactures Precision Board Plus HDU, along with a full line of “companion products” including primer, hardcoat, texture finishes, and adhesives. See our press release on PR Web.

How Will A Custom Bonded Block Help Your Business?

Coastal Enterprises bonded blocks – increasing your LEAN manufacturing efficiency! By arriving ready to machine, custom bonded blocks eliminate bonding, decrease machining time, and use less material than purchasing sheets or blocks and bonding to size.

Send us a drawing and we will build a custom Precision Board Plus HDU block to meet your specifications. Our bonding technicians have over thirty years experience building complex tooling blocks and our high strength EP-76 bonding epoxy has the capability of matching the durometer of the tooling block. This means the bond line will be the same density as the material and won’t affect your cutting tool when machining.

Shorten your deadlines, extend your tool life and eliminate the bonding step – get a quote on a custom bonded block today!

The latest bonded block of Precision Board Plus HDU. This is PBLT-15 bonded with Coastal’s EP-76 high strength epoxy.







Lean Manufacturing – Maximize Value, Minimize Waste

The Lean Enterprise Institute defines lean manufacturing as a process designed to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Or, to create more value for customers with fewer resources. A lean company understands customer value, and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste.

Coastal Enterprises Company has been following a lean manufacturing process for several years now. Since implementation, production has been streamlined, resulting in a decreased lead time, and our internal operations are more efficient than ever.

Lean does not only apply to manufacturing companies, it applies to every business and every process. It’s more than a cost reduction program, it’s a way of thinking and acting for an entire organization. The term “lean” was coined to describe Toyota’s business during the late 1980’s by a research team led by Jim Womack, Ph.D., at MIT’s International Motor Vehicle Program. This process is known as the Toyota Production System.

Coastal Enterprises has experienced great success with lean and wants to share our story and inspire others to continuously improve business as we have.

More information on Lean Manufacturing can be found on the Lean Enterprise Institute’s website.

A video about Lean can be seen here.