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11 Mar

Awesome mesh tool

EnRoute has many cool tools that can be used individually or together with other tools to create anything I can imagine - and that's a lot. Last week I was building some faux hydraulic cylinders for a display and the mesh tool proved to be the simplest and quickest way to get exactly what I needed in a hurry. The cylinders are a small part of the MultiCam display for their booth to be held at the International Sign Association trade show in Las Vegas next month.

03 Mar

Rapid Texture

Rapid Texture is another unique feature of EnRoute software. With this function you can cover a whole lot more surface in a hurry and achieve some very cool surface and textures. It uses the tool shape to create the texture.

28 Feb

Parametric Textures

There are a number of ways to create textures in EnRoute. One of the methods offer unlimited possibilities. This is called Parametric TEXTURES. They are created by mathematical equations and go in all directions infinitely.

22 Feb


There are often a number of ways to accomplish any given task in EnRoute, sometimes with subtle differences in the results. To be an accomplished user of the software we need to become familiar with as many as possible and then use the one that suits us best. Today I wanted to show how I like to use the 'LIMIT TO HEIGHT' function. As with all of the lessons so far I first drew a square vector to create the base relief

18 Feb

Creating shaped letters

This lesson is on creating shaped letters and by that I mean letters with a dome or bevel top. If the strokes of the letter are relatively even and the angle of the bevel or dome is shallow how you use the shaping tools is not as critical but for many lettering styles it matters a great deal. I started with a square shape and a letter 'a' once more. Then I selected the square and created a flat relief that was 0.3" thick. Then I selected the box and the letter 'a' vector and used the bevel tool to modify the base relief by adding the beveled letter

17 Feb

Merging highest and merging lowest

As we get into these lessons about how to use EnRoute it is important for those new to the program to start at the beginning and learn the basics before jumping to the harder stuff. Repetition is critical to learn it well. As you do each step predict what is about to happen and understand why. Then after each step take the time to render and look at all four views.

17 Feb

Let’s get started

First we need to make note that there are different versions of EnRoute. To create 3D files you need EnRoute Pro. I use the latest version EnRoute Pro 5. Earlier versions will do most of the things the later versions do but the speed of the program has really gotten much better of late.

12 Feb

Learning EnRoute – from the start

Next to the type of CNC machine we buy the next biggest decision will be the software we choose. Like the hardware we first have to educate ourselves in order to make the choice that fits our needs. In my case I was first advised by my MultiCam dealer who sold me the machine. He looked over the type of work we were currently doing and then asked me some questions. What did I want to do with the machine