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31 Jul
Skallywag Bay

Speeds and Feeds Used to Improve CNC Efficiency

Wondering about ways to improve your CNC efficiency while still getting clean cuts and reducing down time?  Use the following speeds and feeds settings from LMT Onsrud and also MultiCam as a starting point and play around with them until you get the right combination for the router bits you are using and also the CNC..

27 Sep

Get All The Facts With These CNC Routing HDU Tips

  • September 27, 2013
  • Admin

Router bit manufacturers LMT Onsrud have worked closely with us for years to determine the most efficient, smoothest ways to CNC rout Precision Board Plus HDU. This relationship has culminated in the creation of two wonderful articles, and an impressive guide with speeds and feed recommendations for all 15 Precision Board densities. Please, take the..

04 Sep

AXYZ International Open House

Besides the free drinks, AXYZ International’s Open House had a bevy of attractions for all who went! Kellie Miller, our Customer Relations Manager was there to address anything anyone ever wanted to know about Precision Board Plus. She discussed what HDU is, how to sell it, finishing techniques and how to make a working space-shuttle out..

24 May

CNC Routing PBLT-75 HDU – High Density Urethane Tooling Board

  • May 24, 2013
  • Admin

Some of our past blogs have talked about how to achieve chips or dust when routing Precision Board Plus. Recently, LMT Onsrud tested our current highest density, PBLT-75. Not only did they cut a clean edge, they also fine-tuned the settings to produce shavings. Cutting tool is Onsrud 52-704, 16,000 RPM, 256 Inches Per Minute...

27 Feb

How To Improve Your CNC Efficiency With HDU

  • February 27, 2013
  • Admin

We all know cutting tools play an important role when using a CNC router. The right cutting tool, speeds and feeds can cut your machining down dramatically and increase the life span of your cutting tool – and we all know finishing a project before the deadline is a great way to keep customers happy...


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