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20 Jan


Quite some time ago I started a sample sign project.  Here's the link.  But then we got busy. It has sat in the corner gathering dust ever since. But good ideas can't stay dormant forever.

29 Sep

First assembly

It's been a while since I had any time to work on the Lucky Jim sign but tonight I squeezed in about half an hour to do a few things and make significant progress. I cut a few pieces on the band saw including the two axles and the frame.  I also cut some axles from 1/4" steel pencil rod and then drilled the holes (slightly off kilter) for the wheels.

11 Sep

Laying down tracks

Today was a busy day but I couldn't resist working just a little on the Lucky Jim Mine sign. The MultiCam was busy routing exterior moldings for the house but as each file finished I snuck in the railroad wheels and tracks on what would have been scrap. I actually ran the wheels twice as the first time they were simply too big for the sign I was building

08 Sep

Mine car wheels

The wheels of the little mine car are a great exercise to practice our building of various shaped reliefs and how to merge them into a final shape which we want. As we build the reliefs we have to keep in mind the final result and then think of what we have to add or take away to get exactly that.

07 Sep

Lucky Jim Gold Mine inspiration

The house is a fun project and we've used EnRoute, Precision Board and our MultiCam plenty but lately I've been itching for something a little more creative. With the house we typically don't need one copy of anything but instead keep the router busy making fifty copies of what we need. That is a little too much like production work and that doesn't totally scratch my creative itch after a while.