A New Stetson For Clint


Anyone who has traveled along Highway 101 through Pismo Beach California has no doubt seen the 40 foot wooden hand-carved statue of Clint the Cowboy standing proud in the parking lot of McLintock’s Saloon. For a few months regular travelers might even have noticed the familiar icon was missing his hat. It had to be removed due to a Bark Beetle infestation, which also damaged his left arm and leg, as well as his six-shooter.

Signcraft of Santa Maria, CA was hired to perform Clint’s makeover. True to the techniques originally used to sculpt Clint more than 25 years ago, Mark Blackford, Signcrafts owner, and his crew of skilled craftsmen hand carved Clint’s new hat from 15lb Precision Board Plus HDU, complete with cracks and wood grain to recreate the aged look of the original hat and other damaged parts. This iconic cowboy once again has the protection over his head that serves the intended purpose of a Cowboy hat.

To see other projects from Mark and his team at Signcraft Santa Maria, go to their website at www.signcraftsm.com.

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Did You Know?

Precision Board Plus PBLT is a “closed cell” product, virtually impervious to any water absorption. This means that water will not find its way into Precision Board Plus, which can lead to cracking, splitting or rotting. Additionally, Precision Board Plus does not support mold or mildew growth, so you can be certain your signs will perform for years to come. Oh, and by the way, Bark Beetles don’t like Precision Board Plus, so Clint should be in good shape for many years as well.