Cool Car And True Prismatic Routed Letters

THD, Inc, of Winona, MN made this sign for the Dahl Automotive Museum in LaCrosse, WI. The letters are all made out of Precision Board Plus and were drawn by Tim Russell, who designed them to be truly prismatic (The center height of the letters remains static but the angle changes depending on the width of the stroke). They were routed and applied to a custom aluminum lit sign so the edges of the letters would glow, and then finished with gold and an automotive clear coat.

The Dahl Automotive Museum features the history of the automobile through the eyes of the Ford Motor Company. It also documents the Dahl family’s involvement as an auto dealer for over 100 years.

Great job on the sign and what a cool car that is!

Doc’s Blue Moose – Hand Carved Precision Board Plus

Todd Hoffman Design, in Winona, MN, recently sent us pictures of an impressive sign they made. You may remember THD from a previous blog, Faster Routing – Proven By THD Design,¬†showcasing the improved router speed they were able to attain using Precision Board Plus. This time they made a hand-carved sign for “Doc’s Blue Moose”, a restaurant in Spring Grove, MN.

Both PBLT-15 and PBLT-30 were used to create “Doc’s Blue Moose”. Many of the pieces were routed to create a rough shape, and then hand-carved to add final detail, culminating in the beautiful sign seen in the pictures. THD Design has been making signs for 15+ years, and are a full-service sign company specializing in “anything that’s fun”, according to Tim Russell, Estimator, Designer and hand-carver. Their website can be viewed at:¬†

Because Precision Board Plus is a closed-cell substrate, doesn’t absorb moisture, and is able to hold up to extreme weather conditions, it is typically the substrate of choice in many states with harsh weather. In fact, one of the first times high-density urethane was ever used was as exterior insulation on the Alaskan Oil Pipeline in 1970, which is still in service.

Here are some pictures of the sign: