A Tuscan Style Kitchen Remodel With A Touch Of Precision Board Plus

Turning dreams and ideas into reality is a way of life at Final Touch Custom Millwork. When a customer was interested in a Tuscan Style Villa theme for his kitchen, owner Nathan Betts was quick to design a professional, authentic looking layout. In one of the more unique applications we have seen at Coastal Enterprises, Nathan incorporated Precision Board Plus into a custom oven hood for the Tuscan-themed kitchen.

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The first step was drawing up the proposed remodel in a CAD program and showing it to the customer. After his approval came the challenging part – making it all work (some people might say getting the customer to approve the design is the hardest part!). When it came time to build the oven hood, Nathan was hesitant to use wood because he was worried it wouldn’t be stable enough and moisture might get in. He opted for Precision Board Plus, knowing it would machine much easier than wood and would not allow moisture intrusion.

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Construction of the oven hood started with two-inch thick PBLT-15 being mounted onto MDF backing board and CNC machined into three sections. The three sections were then mounted onto a custom plywood box designed by Nathan. After sanding and smoothing everything down it was sent to MakeItMetal, the Canadian distributor of the LuminOre spray metal line of products.

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MakeItMetal sprayed on their composite spray metal and applied a glaze patina to give it an antique look. Mounting the custom hood onto the already installed industrial exhaust fan completed the project. The result, as you can see, is one impressive looking oven hood!

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Final Touch Custom Millwork is located in Orangeville, ON. Owner Nathan Betts has over 17 years experience and got his start in the industry when he was only 16 years old. Final Touch has an impressive skillset and offers all types of millwork including cabinetmaking, custom rooms, woodworking, furniture making and signage. Be sure to check out their website at: http://finaltouchcustommillwork.com for many more examples of their work.

For a closer look, take a look at this walk-around video of the oven hood:


A Spectacular Metal Finish For The Long Run

Nathan Betts, owner of Final Touch Custom Millwork in Orangeville, ON, CNC routed a sign for MakeItMetal, the Canadian distributor of the LuminOre line of products. For this project, Nathan routed PBLT-15 and sent it to MakeItMetal, where they applied the LuminOre finish. Once the metal was sprayed onto the surface, a patina finish was added to the low areas and the high areas were polished to provide a beautiful lustre. Currently installed in the MakeItMetal offices in St. Catharine’s, ON, it will now age the same way real metal would.



A composite spray metal, LuminOre provides a protective, spectacular looking finish to many materials including Precision Board Plus. A fraction of the weight of solid metal, LuminOre will not corrode and adheres directly to the substrate without air gaps typically seen in solid metal. It can also be sanded, polished, wire-brushed, and acid washed to create the desired finish.