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23 Jun

Cut, cut, cut

It isn't often in our shop that we use our router as a jigsaw or cut plywood rather than Precision Board, but when we do it churns out a mountain of parts in a hurry. Today we were cutting curved headers, eyebrows and beams. We whipped through a pallet of 3/4 plywood in no time

19 Jun

Easy to do – just as easy to fix

One of the great things about using a program like EnRoute with a CNC router is how fast we can produce something and then modify it if necessary. Changes are simple and quick. Today I designed the first sample eyebrow for over the house windows

16 Jun

Lift day

As part of the beam project I thought folks might find the lifting process interesting - its an important and critical part of the process. Including this part will help readers se just how everything fits together

12 Jun

From concept to reality

It is one thing to draw something cool and quite another to realise it as a full 3D object, often larger than life. In between there are many steps required to create it, safe and legal

06 Jun

Working up a logo from scratch

The fellows who are spraying the foam insulation in our new house are a startup company. I've known them for quite a while and they came to me to help them work up an identity and a dimensional sign of course. I first listened to their thoughts.