OMAX Waterjet Cutting Precision Board HDU

Waterjets have been becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to cut any type of material that comes in the shop door, including Precision Board HDU.  You can never predict what the next job is going to require, so having the capability to cut any substrate is a great addition to any shop arsenal.

OMAX Corporation, a manufacturer of premium waterjet cutting machines, recently filmed cutting of Precision Board HDU in order to show just what this amazing technology can do.  Check out the video below and dial the settings info in if you plan on cutting high-density urethane anytime soon.

Waterjet cutting is a high-performance industrial cutting method that offers some unique benefits in comparison with milling, plasma cutting, or hand carving. With advancements in technology, waterjet cutting of Precision Board tools and signs has become a more attractive option.  Because water jet cutting produces no heat-affected zone (HAZ) like other cutting methods, it can safely cut urethanes, metals, and other materials without affecting their structural properties. Waterjet cutters are capable of extreme precision, and can produce intricate designs and complex shapes when used with CAD software and specialized machining heads.  It also eliminates dust in the air from cutting.


In this demonstration, a MAXIEM 1515 is used to cut out the OMAX logo from a sample of PBLT-40 Precision Board HDU.  You can get settings info below.

Settings Info:

  • 40HP Pump
  • .0010 Orifice Nozzle
  • .0021 Diameter Mixing Tube
  • 120 grit Barton Garnet Cutting Media


As you can see, waterjet cutting is definitely a viable option for those looking to cut intricate designs in Precision Board. It produces no burn or char marks like a laser or plasma cutter would, and it can be used with any density or thickness of material.  Head over to our YouTube Channel to view a video playlist of Precision Board HDU being waterjet cut by various industry machines.


Based in Kent, Washington, OMAX Corporation is a global leader in advanced abrasive waterjet systems that cut virtually any material and thickness with unmatched speed and accuracy. Owner of the OMAX, MAXIEM, GlobalMAX, and ProtoMAX brands, the company provides a comprehensive selection of JetMachining Centers that feature intuitive software controls and incorporate the most efficient pump technology available. In developing its machines, the company designs, manufactures, assembles and tests components as a complete system to ensure optimum performance. The company also has the most comprehensive service and support network in the waterjet industry to keep its customers ahead of the manufacturing curve.  You can visit their website or call them at 800-838-0343.


Coastal Enterprises manufactures Precision Board HDU, a versatile, cost-effective and eco-friendly urethane sign material that is particularly effective for making professional-looking indoor and outdoor dimensional signs.  It is a closed-cell rigid substrate that does not rot, warp or crack.  You can request free samplesget a quote or sign up for periodic newsletters packed with helpful information.






Waterjet Benefits For Your Sign Shop

Waterjets have been becoming increasingly more popular in sign shops due to their ability to cut any type of material that comes in the door. 

As any sign shop owner will tell you, you can never predict the next job that is going to come in the door. Having the capability to cut anything is a great addition to any “shop arsenal.”

A previous blog featured an OMAX Waterjet cutting out the Coastal Enterprises logo from a piece of PBLT-30. Today we are going to show another example of how a waterjet can be used for a signage application.

This giant letter “A” was cut out using an OMAX 60120 Waterjet with a 40hp pump. This waterjet has a 0.0016 orifice nozzle, 0.0042 diameter mixing tube, and Barton Garnet as cutting media.

Not only is cutting time reduced with a waterjet, they also work well in a sign shop environment because the taper-control features and accuracy allow them to cut laminated materials with ease. CNC routers, lasers and plasma cutters are also limited in their ability to cut certain thicknesses and types of material (unlike a waterjet).

OMAX Corporation was founded in 1993 by Dr. John Cheung, and Dr. John Olsen and have been manufacturing waterjets ever since. Within the industry, OMAX is the only waterjet provider that designs and produces its own pump, nozzle, cutting table, machine controller and control software. All OMAX and MAXIEM waterjets are made in the USA, and they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in August of this year, see their website for more details on this event.

If you would like more info, please contact Mr. Kimball Smith at OMAX Corporation: (253) 872-2300.