The Cold Weather Warrior In Signage

Joel Lunsford, owner of Lunsford Signs, knows how to make an impressive sign out of HDU. Lunsford Signs is a full service sign shop and specializes in all types of signage. When speaking with Joel last week to congratulate him on winning the “Best Engineered” category of our Facebook contest, he mentioned that he hasn’t used wood for a sign in over 20 years!

Being located in Hot Sulphur Springs, CO, means exterior signs face some tough weather and a lot of moisture. When Joel first started in the industry, wood signs began requiring too much maintenance to keep afloat and were at risk of water intrusion. Joel turned to Precision Board Plus HDU – the cold weather warrior – after finding out it wouldn’t allow any moisture in from snow, rain or ice. Noticing that HDU held detail, painted and routed better than wood made the crossover permanent.

The contest winning sign was made for the “Your Art’s Desire” Art Studio using a 1.5″ x 4′ x 8′ sheet of PBLT-20, cut on Joel’s CNC router. Texture was added to the yellow section by hand, while the purple section was finished using purple smaltz, which was poured onto a mixture of Smith’s Cream and One Shot Paint (see the history of smaltz here). The entire sign is painted in Matthews Paints.


Joel Lunsford has been in the signmaking industry as owner of Lunsford Signs since 1996. For those who are curious, he chose a gallon of our PB Fast Set as his winning prize! Be sure to take a look at his website,, for more info.

Precision Board Plus fact: Did you know that Precision Board Plus has been tested from -423˚F to +300˚F with no degradation or breakdown?

PB Resin – How To Apply An Ultra-Smooth, High-Gloss Protective Finish To Your Sign

One of the most impressive looking finishes Coastal Enterprises offers is PB Resin. PB Resin is a two-part modified epoxy resin, and can be applied in its clear form, or mixed with lettering enamels to quickly and easily create a high gloss color finish. It can be applied to any density of Precision Board Plus with absolutely no priming or sanding. PB Resin can also be used on polystyrene, wood, stone, steel, aluminum and almost any other substrate.

David Sherby at SherWood Sign & Graphic Design, in Crystal Falls, MI sent in some excellent examples of PB Resin used on Precision Board Plus.

This particular sign, “Lake Mitigwaki”, shows PB Resin applied to Precision Board Plus PBLT-15. The border and letter “A” are 50% Metallic Gold One Shot and 50% Metallic Brass One Shot mixed into PB Resin. The background behind the “A” is PB Resin with various colors swirled together to make it look like a tarnished bronze. The words “Lake Mitigwaki” and the banner are PB Resin with One Shot Chamois mixed in. The maroon lettering and scroll on the banner are made out of vinyl. Dave Sherby and SherWood Sign & Graphic Design can be reached at: (906) 875-6201.

We also offer free samples of PB Resin. If you are interested in trying some, we can be reached at: (800) 845-0745.


We recently completed a step-by-step video to demonstrate the process of applying PB Resin, which you can see here: