See The Latest Hand-Carved Creations From Piccadilly Signs!

Check out some of the latest hand-carved Precision Board Plus signs from Paul Martin at Piccadilly Signs! We always see great work from Paul, and want to share some of his newest projects.

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2. Piccadilly Signs Hand-carved PBLT-18





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Piccadilly Signs "Laughing Loon" On The Cover of Sign Builder!

Thanks to the fine sign-making talents of our friend Paul Martin at Piccadilly Signs in Winnipeg, Canada, his Precision Board Plus sign “The Laughing Loon” has been featured on the cover of Sign Builder Illustrated.

Paul hand carved Precision Board Plus PBLT-18 for the “Laughing Loon.” You can see the full SBI story titled “Humorous HDU” .

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Mixed Density Hand Carved HDU Masterpieces

Precision Board In High Definition

Check out this beautiful sign from Piccadilly!


Mixed Density Hand-Carved HDU Masterpieces!

Paul Martin, owner of Piccadilly Signs in Winnipeg, Canada is our newest fan of  hand-carving PBLT-30. You may remember him from our previous blog: Precision Board Plus in High Definition.

After speaking with Kellie Miller, Customer Relations Manager at Coastal Enterprises, about the benefits of using PBLT-30, Paul decided to try hand-carving some himself and has become quite fond of it. In the pictures you see here, PBLT-30 was used for the 3 dimensional items, such as the bear and the tree trunk in the “Wests” sign. The rest of the sign was made using PBLT-18.

Paul stated that he enjoys working with PBLT-30 because “the level of intricate detail it can hold is greater than the lower densities.” According to him, he used his normal carving tools such as rotary drills and traditional wood carving tools and they worked fine. While tougher to carve than PBLT-15, the PBLT-30 reminds him of carving wood – but having no grain makes it a superior product.

After working for a large sign company for many years, and self-teaching himself wood carving as a hobby, Paul recently started his own sign company and stated he “hasn’t looked back since.” Paul’s work will even be featured on the cover of the upcoming September edition of Sign Builder Illustrated. You can see more pictures of his work at:

Precision Board In High Definition

The beautiful signs we see made by our customers never cease to amaze us. Paul Martin from Piccadilly Signs in Winnipeg, Canada, sent in some high-definition pictures of a recent sign he completed. Using a combination of CNC-routed and hand-carved PBLT-15 and PBLT-18, he created this great looking sign. We were very impressed with how he made Precision Board Plus look like weathered wood. What do you guys think? We would love to see your comments.

Check out his website at: