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02 Jul

Commercial Truck Composite Cab – How It’s Made

  • July 2, 2015
  • Steve Cornelius

Since 1999, Daycab Company, in Rockwood, TN, has been using composites to retrofit class 8 commercial trucks with sleeper cabs to day cabs. Why would anyone be interested in having the sleeper cab removed, and a composite day cab installed you ask? Once a commercial truck gets to a certain age, many fleets will not..

19 Feb

Han Solo Project – KDF Reprographics

Hackensack, NJ sign shop KDF Reprographics has been working on a full-scale project of Han Solo trapped in Carbonite that they recently completed. The replica was crafted with a combination of Precision Board Plus PBLT-10 HDU, styrofoam, Magic Sculpt and MDF, and came out looking absolutely amazing. Pictures of the finished project can be seen here.

11 Feb

State-of-The-Art Signage Techniques & Materials

A famous Mr. Rogers song says, “You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind.” Well, we took a page out of his book and hit the streets with this great idea we came up with out of nowhere. It involved three different companies collaborating on a three-part project that we knew would turn out..