Suffolk University – 3D Design with Precision Board

Suffolk University HDU DesignSuffolk-University-HDU-Design

Suffolk University Students Design with Precision Board HDU

Precision Board is a truly user-friendly medium for art and design. It allows even the most entry-level artists, architects, and designers to create a tangible object from just an idea and some rudimentary tools. Whether the objective is structural, architectural, or abstract, anyone can design with Precision Board! Creating with Precision Board doesn’t require woodcarving expertise, CAD programming experience, or any other special talents. It’s easy to work with, and all it takes is a little inspiration, as students from Suffolk University found out recently.

Professor Bebe Beard of the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University contacted us a few months ago with a unique project idea for her 3D Design class. She wanted to offer her students the opportunity to create something from scratch, coming up with the design and assembling the final product all on their own. The plan was for students to start with an intact block of foam, cut it into individual components, and then reassemble the pieces to create a new and distinctly different shape. This is a valuable exercise in spatial awareness and the architectural mindset, allowing students to put theory into practice in short order.

Suffolk University HDU Design Suffolk University HDU Design

The students all started out with equal sized cubes of Precision Board, either PBLT-12 or PBLT-15. This density range is a good choice for design products like this, as our 12-20 PCF (pounds per cubic foot) Precision Board strikes a perfect balance between low weight and high durability. The students used a band saw to make six separate cuts through their Precision Board cube, ending up with seven individual pieces of HDU. If assembled together in the order they were cut, the pieces could be used to reform the cube. But the point of the project was to branch out and create something personal, so the students set to work. First, they sanded their cut pieces to create a smooth surface for painting and bonding. Using  Formula 560 canopy glue, the students bonded the HDU pieces together in a variety of unique patterns. The students painted their small statues with acrylic paint, either before or after they assembled the pieces together. Another aspect of the project was to examine the effects of lighting on their completed statue, and the students’ paint jobs really accentuate the different ways light falls across the structures.

Suffolk University HDU Design

As you can see, the assignment was a resounding success, and the students turned out some really impressive miniature display pieces. This project showcases how easy it is it design and create with Precision Board HDU foam, even without much prior experience in artistic design. We’d like to thank Bebe Beard for coming up with such a fresh and constructive way to use Precision Board. Be sure to check out her website to see some of the personal projects she’s worked on. Also, don’t forget to check out the New England School of Design at Suffolk University, an art school and university rolled into one.

Suffolk University HDU Design Suffolk University HDU Design

Suffolk University HDU Design

SAMPE Long Beach 2016: Free Passes!

SAMPE long beach

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In less than two weeks, the Coastal Enterprises team will be setting up shop at SAMPE Long Beach 2016, to rub elbows with some of the country’s top-notch companies and individuals in the advanced materials industries. SAMPE is the only conference and exhibition that is entirely geared toward advanced materials and processes, making it one of the most valuable events of the year for composites industry professionals. In fact, over 200 different companies are going to be showcasing their products and services over the course of the 2-day exhibition, which runs from May 24-25. The Conference itself, which runs from May 23-26, features leading industry experts and researchers giving lectures, leading discussions, and offering tutorials to attendees.

Coastal Enterprises will be stationed at Booth O41, a corner booth that borders the food and beverage area and the exhibitor lounge. Visitors to our booth will be able to receive free samples of Precision Board PU tooling board and get a first hand look at some of Coastal’s industrial soft tooling capabilities. A few highly experienced members of our technical sales team will be on hand, answering any and all questions about polyurethane applications in composite tooling, for both OOA and autoclave processes. There’s no better way to enhance your understanding of soft tooling than to speak to the undisputed urethane professionals, people with unparalleled knowledge of Precision Board and the industries it’s used in. The best way to further understanding of a concept is to immerse yourself in it entirely.

There’s no question that this is going to be another banner year for SAMPE, a meeting of some of the top minds of the composite tooling and advanced materials industries. Don’t forget to print out your FREE PASSES to the SAMPE Long Beach Exhibition, compliments of Coastal Enterprises.