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04 May

Worlds Longest Egg Toss: Boilermakers Launch Sputnik Seven

Aeronautical Engineering students at Purdue University were tasked with designing, assembling, and launching a rocket – with an egg inside! Mission success rides on the rocket achieving an altitude of exactly 1,000 ft. above ground level, deploying a parachute and hopefully landing with an intact egg.  Will the egg survive? The project was codenamed Sputnik..

09 Dec

Rockets and Eggs – 1000 Feet in the air

  • December 9, 2011
  • Admin

We received a call from Luke DeLisio, an Aeronautical Engineering student at Purdue University, inquiring about the possibility of a Precision Board Plus donation for a very interesting project they were undertaking. Their mission: To design, assemble and successfully launch a rocket – with an egg inside. Mission success rides on the rocket achieving an..