Garden Railroad Magic – Rainbow Ridge Kits with Precision Board Plus!

Quickly becoming legends in the model railroad industry, Ross and Sue Piper of Rainbow Ridge Kits in Lakeside, CA have been in business for six and a half years now.

Rainbow Ridge specializes in making highly detailed, high end railroad buildings and structures.

By John and Lorrie Rockey – Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Using their ShopBot CNC router, Ross and Sue purchase Precision Board Plus HDU in 4′ x 8′ sheets, 3/4″ thick, typically densities of PBLT-15, PBLT-18 and PBLT-20, and cut them into small pieces. They then CNC patterns into them, such as wood plank, wood shingle, stone, siding and logs. They also offer custom patterns by request. The high level of detail they achieve using their ShopBot CNC Router is well known, and they recently were spotlighted by ShopBot’s website in a review you can see here.

By Dick Dale – El Cajon, CA

In addition to offering pre-cut  “Scratch Build” Precision Board Plus sheets, they also build complete structures, ready for priming and painting, and even offer completely finished (primed, painted and assembled) buildings.

By Gary Martin – Tucson, AZ

Before Ross and Sue got involved in the industry, many garden railroaders had trouble with available materials not being able to stand extreme temperatures, especially in states such as Nevada and Arizona. Previously, many garden railroad buildings were constructed out of plastic, wood or resin and were apt to become waterlogged or damaged by the sun. Precision Board Plus has proven to be the material of choice for a long-lasting model railroad structure because it will not absorb water and is unaffected by extreme temperatures (it has been tested from -425˚F to +300˚F with no degradation or breakdown).

By Andreas Walchner – Beavercreek, OH

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Here is one of the latest offerings available through Rainbow Ridge Kits:

These pictures are from Ross and Sue’s personal garden railroad (more pictures on their website):

Garden Railroad Creations

Rainbow Ridge creates a variety of impressive model railroad buildings, scenery and kits for garden railroads from Precision Board Plus. Using PBLT-15, PBLT-18 and PBLT-20, they offer pre-patterned surfaces such as stone, brick, shingles, wood, logs and planks. See their amazing work at:!