Dual Nature HDU Sculpture is in the ArtPrize Competition!

If you are anywhere near the Grand Rapids, MI area between now and October 2nd be sure to stop by the local ArtPrize Competition and vote for the “Dual Nature” Precision Board Plus PBLT-15 sculpture by our friends Cecilia Lueza and Rick Munne!

ArtPrize is the worlds largest art competition. Anyone over the age of 18 can be involved, and hundreds of thousands of dollars are given away in prizes, with the first place winner receiving $200,000! Categories consist of two-dimensional, 3-dimensional, use of urban space, time/performance and sustainability. See the history of this competition here.

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Check out the full story of this sculpture’s history on our original blog: PBLT-15 Sculpture – Dual Nature.

You can also see Cecilia’s homepage here.


PBLT-15 Sculpture – Dual Nature

Respected artist and sculptor team Cecilia Lueza and Rick Munne recently sent us pictures of a Precision Board Plus sculpture titled “Dual Nature.” It was crafted from PBLT-15 using jigsaws, power sanders, a variety of hand tools, and painted with acrylic paints. It is a monocoque sculpture, which means it is entirely self supporting, and aside from the aluminum base, the sculpture is made completely from Precision Board Plus. Rick did the sculpting, and his wife and partner Cecilia Lueza did the design, concept and painting. Dual Nature was originally displayed at the entrance to the annual “Sculpt Miami Art Fair”, which runs concurrently with the Art Basel Art Fair in Miami every December.

When they first started sculpting around 2001, they originally used a combination of plywood and fiberglass cloth resin for the sculptures, which was not quite as durable as what they were looking for. Through a connection in the aerospace industry, Rick was introduced to Precision Board Plus HDU and was immediately drawn to the advantages of high-density urethane; namely the fact that it is non-toxic, impervious to most oils and paints and because moisture cannot be absorbed into it.

The Art Basel International Art Fair originated in Basel, Switzerland, and is known as “the Olympics of the Art World.” It is also the biggest art show in the world. Ten years ago Miami started hosting a sister exhibition, Art Basel Art Fair, which attracts over 40,000 people each year, and is where Dual Nature was first viewed publicly. Dual Nature is currently on display at the mouth of the Miami River, to coincide with the Miami International Art Fair, and will soon be traveling to Blue Springs, MO to be on display there.

Cecilia is also a very respected mural artist, and her very impressive work can be seen on their website, along with additional sculptures completed by both she and Rick at: http://www.lueza.com/.

Dual Nature: