Consistent Quality: Insignia Signs & Service


Insignia Sign Company in Orange, CA is a full service sign company that has been producing high-quality signs and providing impeccable service since 1993. Founded and helmed by Joseph Westbrook, Insignia has striven to be a reputable, reliable and honest company, supported by a professional Sales, Design, Production & Install Team.

Over the years through this team effort Insignia has become a leader in the wholesale sandblasted sign industry, establishing itself through word-of-mouth referral and its consistent output. In addition to supplying signs to hundreds of sign companies nationwide, Insignia has been blessed with many opportunities with projects from individual clients seeking custom one-of-a-kind signs and designs, to large companies like The Walt Disney Company, a Preferred Vendor status with the Irvine Company and many service & installation contracts with national accounts.

Although Insignia has been growing into a provider of installation, service and electrical signage & sales, wholesale sandblasted signs are a thriving and welcome part of Insignia’s daily business flow. Precision Board Plus HDU signs with custom finishes, cookie cut, uncommon, carved, sandblasted and 3D letters are produced in house everyday.

Insignia is a trusted manufacturer of Precision Board Plus HDU Signs! Just give them a call or visit their website to see more of their work.

Time Saving Tip for Sandblasted Signs: Art Sign Works

There’s something very interesting going on in Murrieta, CA. Art Sign Works has an ingenious way of saving time and money when working with Precision Board Plus.
They’re a very busy wholesale sign shop and though their company is small, it’s run like a well-oiled machine. Enrique, the Big Cheese, believes that to utilize his employees the best way possible, he lets the machinery do a lot of the work.


When they get a sandblasted job, such as the sign featuring the Aztec Calendar, they first CNC route PBLT-15 to the desired depth of the background, before sandblasting. This allows the sandblaster to be used for a shorter period of time, freeing up an employee to work on another paying sign. After routing, the sign will get a quick sandblast to get the required texture.

After priming and painting, Kevin the lead designer says they use 1-Shot lettering enamels “because of its vibrancy”. In the case of the Aztec Calendar, a vinyl appliqué was applied under a separate piece of PBLT-15, to not only save time on hand painting, but to create a 3-D effect as well. As with all their signs, it was then coated with 2 coats of clear coat to preserve the quality and luster of the paint.

Art Sign Works ships their signs all over the country and if you’d like to find out how they can help you, give them a call at (951) 698-8484. If you’re lucky, Christie will answer the phone. Besides being really nice, she’s very knowledgeable!

Quality Meets Innovation: M&M Signs & Graphics

M & M Signs and Graphics in Chantilly, VA, is a full-service sign company that uses Precision Board Plus for many 3-dimensional signs. Originally started over 20 years ago by Mehdi Amirgholi, the business is now run by his son, Paymahn.


The most recent sign project was for a sandwich shop aptly named “Sandwich Republic”. Routed Precision Board Plus PBLT-15 was used, and it was coated with Ronan Aquacote and One Shot Paint. A careful look at the pictures really shows their years of experience working with HDU. M & M Signs also sent pictures of the first documented use of Precision Board Plus for backlit channel letters, which you can see on our blog: PBLT-15 Exterior Channel Letters.

Paymahn has no formal art training and is entirely self-taught. From the moment his father introduced him to sign making, he was fascinated by both the mechanical and artistic aspects. After his father passed, Paymahn went to work in his shop and has currently been making signs for over 18 years. Time flies when you’re making signs!

Many more pictures can be seen on M & M Signs and Graphics website.

It’s All About The Smaltz

Vital Signs  in Verona, WI, is a full-service sign company that specializes in all types of high-quality signage including routed, sandblasted, and “smalted” signs. Adding smaltz to a sign is a very popular texture in the signage industry. This venerable technique makes for a beautiful sign, and we have some great pictures of some smalted Precision Board Plus from Vital Signs to prove it!

Smaltz is coarse, colored, crushed or powdered glass or sand. The typical application is to apply a paint that is the same color as the smaltz to the background of the sign, and then select a binder to hold the smaltz in place. Vital Signs prefers a mixture of One-shot lettering enamel and Smith’s Cream for proper adhesion. Once the binder is applied, smaltz is added and allowed to dry.


Adding smaltz adds a very visually appealing texture and sparkle to the background, and when used in combination with gold-leaf lettering is considered by many to be the true “high-end” finish for a sign.  Anything from backgrounds, letters, borders and ornaments can be smalted, and once done, are said to last much longer than a painted surface. According to Mark Kramer, graphic designer and artist at Vital Signs, they enjoy using Precision Board Plus because “the longevity, durability, finishing, and ease of carving make it the substrate of choice that helps set them apart from others.”

You can contact Vital Signs at (608) 845-3766 or at




Never Say Never: Service and Quality Win Back Signetics


Founded in 1971, Signetics, located near Dayton, OH, is a full-service sign manufacturer serving the United States and the World. Originally targeting the golf industry in the form of interior and exterior signage, Signetics grew quickly based on reputation of quality and craftsmanship. Today, over 5,000 golf courses and businesses worldwide have signage crafted from their facility.

It’s the attention to detail that led Signetics’ President, Jeff Mize, to again use Precision Board Plus for their routed and sand carved high-density urethane signage. “After using Precision Board long ago and not sold on the quality, I vowed never to use it again. I never would use the word ‘never’ again,” says Jeff.


Getting a call from Coastal Enterprises in 2008, he reluctantly tried a sample of the new Precision Board Plus. Jeff adds, “I immediately knew they’d made a product I had to start using again. Sandblasting is the lifeblood of our facility and our craftsmen take great pride in producing the highest quality blast possible and Precision Board Plus helps us achieve that. Plus, I missed the customer service only Coastal Enterprises gives us because I know when I have a question – I get an answer.”

You can contact Signetics for your high-quality sandblasted and routed signage needs at (800)776-4152 or at