A guy named Guy (pronounced “Gee”) and a Robot named Marie

His name is Guy Martin. He is SCI-Arc trained (Southern California Institute of Architecture) and considers himself a Digital Architect. His partner is a robot named Marie with an 80’ reach and together they’ve fabricated complex composite creations for clients as varied as designer Philippe Starck, and the pioneering private space transport company, Space X.

At their facility in Southern California, Guy Martin Design is leveraging digital technology to explore new processes for creating complex forms and compound geometries with the latest composite materials. For Guy, it’s about getting closer to the means of production and the materials, in essence taking back some of the control the craft of architecture had when he was the master mason.

To learn more about Guy Martin and his work, see his interview in Metropolis Mag.com or visit Guy Martin Design.com.


Dragon neck carved by Marie

Marie in action sculpting from Precision Board Plus

Technicians tending to Marie as she is machining a massive part from Precision Board Plus