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03 May

Time lapse of last Sculpture Magic Workshop

Through the years we have had numerous requests for a video of our workshops. We strongly believed that to properly experience a workshop you needed to be there, getting your hands dirty and engaging with us one on one. That belief hasn't changed. But thanks to our good friend JD who attended our last workshop we did capture much of it in a time lapse video. Even this is but a quick glimpse for it was only one room of the workshop and didn't include the meals, field trips or the things that happened outside

19 Oct

Spring 2016 Sculpture Magic Workshops

Dates set for Spring 2016 Sculpture Magic Workshops My email box has been full of late with requests for the dates of the next workshop. So full in fact we've decided to host TWO Sculpting Magic Workshops this coming spring. After looking over our schedules we have set the dates. The first Sculpting Magic Workshop will be April 15, 16, and 17, 2016.

01 May

Sculpture Magic Workshop

The Sculpture Magic Workshop began four days after the last. This time we had four who attended the first workshop and then stayed for the second. This meant I had to keep things fresh, not repeating myself too much

20 Mar

Quiet here, busy there

The last two weeks have gone by in a blur. With two different workshops in ten days we've put in a tremendous amount of hours, but little actual routing time. This week things will kick back into regular mode

13 Oct

Colorful menagerie!

Once the sculpting was done it was time to start in applying the color to our beasts. Primer, base coats, blending, glazes and details. We encouraged our students to go out on a limb, try some colors they might not ordinarily use, and in the process make their dinos come to life in a multitude of ways.