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18 Sep

Modern Signage to Match Historic Architecture

When Shane Durnford was asked to design and fabricate a handcrafted sign for the Peel Heritage Complex (now called The Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives) fifteen years ago in Brampton Ontario, he did his research.  The sign was designed within the historical time period and form of the building’s architecture, resulting in a seamless and..

14 May

Creating an Architectural Gable with Precision Board HDU

When Shane Durnford created an architectural gable for a home, he used Precision Board HDU and hand-carved the incredible detail into it. For him it was a return to sign work & he couldn’t be happier about it. Shane talks about bringing this work of art to life through craftsmanship, skill and the use of Precision Board..

03 Sep

Letterheads: Keepers of the Craft – 40th Anniversary

For generations, men and woman designed, carved, lettered and painted signs by hand. In today’s world, machinery is taking the lead in signage with its ability to mass produce or “set it and forget it”, but what about the flowing subtleties and unique touches that lead to a top-notch sign? Letterheads ‘Keepers of the Craft’..