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15 Nov

Ready to go!

This afternoon I received word the truck would arrive first thing tomorrow morning. It was time to move the sign out onto the parking lot in readiness.

14 Nov

The sun shines!

Today our LED lighting arrived from Heico Lighting. The LED lights they manufacture are unlike anything I've ever seen before. They use a contactless technology, meaning there are no wires to hook up or solder.

12 Nov

Down to the short strokes (of paint)

The Sunshine Homes sign has been dominating our shop space for quite some time. We've walked and worked around it since fabrication began. Rebecca painted the rock work with blends of grey and back and then we added two colors of speckles to make it look like granite

01 Nov

Splash of color!

Since the last post about the Sunshine Homes sign we've made great progress. The last of the welding was finished and the diamond mesh was all tied to the frame