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10 Jan

WARDJet: Waterjet Cutting of Precision Board HDU

Coastal Enterprises, manufacturer of Precision Board HDU, partnered with WARDJet to create a new sign for their corporate office.  The results are spectacular and were documented in a blog on their website, including settings information for their Z-Series waterjet.  Check out an excerpt and video below and then head to their website to read the..

12 Apr

OMAX Waterjet Cutting Precision Board HDU

Waterjets have been becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to cut any type of material that comes in the shop door, including Precision Board HDU.  You can never predict what the next job is going to require, so having the capability to cut any substrate is a great addition to any shop arsenal. OMAX..

12 Feb

MultiCam Waterjet Cutting Precision Board HDU

MultiCam Inc., a global supplier of CNC cutting solutions, tested out their 5000 Series Waterjet on several densities of Precision Board HDU and sent us video and settings information. They cut a variety of shapes into the Precision Board, showing off the 5-axis capabilities of the machine.  Read on to get MultiCam Waterjet settings and watch some really..

09 Jul

Waterjet Benefits For Your Sign Shop

Waterjets have been becoming increasingly more popular in sign shops due to their ability to cut any type of material that comes in the door.  As any sign shop owner will tell you, you can never predict the next job that is going to come in the door. Having the capability to cut anything is..

04 Jun

Waterjet Cutting HDU: Precision Board & OMAX

  • June 4, 2013
  • Admin

OMAX Corporation, a manufacturer of premium waterjet cutting machines recently filmed cutting of Precision Board Plus HDU in order to show just what this amazing technology can do. Waterjets offer several advantages over different types of cutting machines such as lasers and plasmas: they can cut any type of material, and are not limited to..