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14 Aug


The next letter for this sign were for the word 'SHOP'. The 'S' is a length of hose, bent into an 'S' shape. A round fitting on each end looks snazzy.  These were created using the dome tool To create the fittings on each end I created a longer vector, used the dome tool to create the relief and then overlaid a zero height smaller shape, By merging the longer shape to this I could effectively clip the ends square. The 'H' is a combination of various shapes which were then MERGED HIGHEST to the base relief as a last step

11 Aug

Workshop gear lettering

The gear sign has lain dormant for a week while I was very busy with other things. Today I finally had time to work a little on it but in last week's business I must of stuck the file somewhere that I simply couldn't remember. So I had to build another. Then it was on to the tool lettering. The first was the 'W'.

30 Jul

Workshop gear – part one

At our last workshop one of our attendees really fell in love with our workshop door signs. He asked me for the file. Sadly it is long since gone but I offered to create another and post it here on the blog. The original sign was obviously sponsored by the movie 'Robots' which was a little more current at the time. I created the danger lettering vectors in Illustrator as I am used to the way it handles lettering