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14 Jun

Another name plaque

With the arrival of a guest in our shop tomorrow it was time to create a name plaque. Julio wants to learn how we do our finishing and there's no better way than doing it hands on! In order to demonstrate our techniques we needed a second name plaque as well, so Grant (my soon to be son-in-law) is getting a name plaque as well. Both plaques are to be identical save for the name. I started by building the vectors for the plaque components I then selected the plaque outline and created a flat relief

26 Apr

Last name plaque for workshops

We've decided (after much deliberation) that the Sculpture Magic Workshop we are holding at the end of this week will be the last. After ten years and hundreds of eager students it's time we give it a rest. It was a difficult decision as I am aware of many who still wanted to come.

15 Mar

Five more and the painting begins

The name plaques are all making their way through the painting process now. Craig's is the last one raw off the router. Because we use 30 lb Precision Board priming isn't necessary. Over the next while I'll be posting some progress shots of how the name plaques come alive through the painting steps. Even though pricing is not necessary we still do it to ad some subtle texture

14 Mar

Four more name plaques

With the first Sculpting Magic Workshop now only four and a half weeks away we are in full get ready mode. Most of the name plaques are routed and sample boards are almost done. About one third of the name plaques are making their way through the painting department with more to follow soon. I thought a picture update of a few more of the plaques would be of interest. It is fun to come up with endless new ideas.

02 Mar

Six more routed

With all of the other things going on in our shop these days we manage to design and route three or four name plaques each day. There are still six weeks until the workshops so we will have time to do them at a somewhat leisurely pace. Six more are now ready for paint.

01 Mar


Simon's name plaque was all about using texture bitmaps to manipulate the relief in cool ways. I wanted the finished name plaque to resemble two plates riveted together with the lettering raised over the top. The first step was to create the necessary vectors. I then created two separate fat reliefs. When I hit the render button they appeared as one relief but this is because they were the same height.

26 Feb


Dustin's name plaque was the next to be done. I used a method and tools that I don't often use in EnRoute. The vectors were designed (as usual) in EnRoute. To create a chamfered edge I used the bevel tool and the 'limit to height' command. By defining the base (0.35") and the height of the finished relief (0.75") as well of the angle of the bevel (45 degrees)I had full control of the results

21 Feb

Lorna’s name plaque

It's that time once more. With the Sculpting Magic Workshops now just over seven weeks away it is time to begin preparations. That means it's time to do the name plaques which we present to all attendees. That's more than thirty different pieces to create

25 Jul

Scribbling down ideas

With the next Sculpture Magic Workshop now less than two and a half months away it is time to begin preparations. We start with the name plaques as they make great filler projects. I began tonight, scribbling ideas in my sketchbook while I watched the superman movie. I managed to nail down eleven concepts. Not all are complete but once I get this far the rest comes easy

17 Sep

Retro Eveline

I've always loved the retro, streamlined, modern scripts on old cars and fridges which inspired my choice of lettering for Eveline's name plaque. I decided it needed to be in a simple oval with a textured background. The vectors were created in EnRoute.