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20 Mar

Killer of fish

A perfect name plaque for a fisherman on your list would be this next one. I made it for John from Colorado. There are a couple tricky steps in making this plaque as I wanted the fish texture to go through his name but not through the border around it.

12 Mar

Finishing Touches

With our Sculpture Magic Workshop now only four days away the name plaques for our attendees are well into production. Today I show three that need just a little more work to be finished.

09 Mar

Last of the series.

Since the Sign Magic Workshop begins tomorrow morning bright and early I am posting the last of this series of name plaques today. Scott works in sales at MultiCam Western Canada so I decided his name plaque should reflect the machines he sells

08 Mar


Rafael is our guest teacher from EnRoute for the Sign Magic Workshop that begins tomorrow. He is one of the support techs for the software and knows his stuff.

06 Mar

Brother Darryl

For Darryl I decided to do something a little more formal. As I played around in my sketchbook I decided I liked to play diamonds against share shapes

03 Mar

A star is born

Chris' name plaque had a lot less steps compared to some of the others. It was to be a simple domed oval with  border and slightly raised textured center. I tweaked the font I chose as the 's' was higher than the other letters

29 Sep

Cobbling together a name plaque

Ted's name only has three letters allowing me to do something cool with his name on the plaque. Each letter would be comprised of individual boards.  The pegs that 'hold' them together would be built separately.