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12 Sep

Guy’s name tag

For Guy's name plaque I decided a log round would be cool. I started with a domed round relief then imported the bitmap (from the  TEXTURE MAGIC COLLECTION ) I created the first vector and relief round because the bitmap was that shape, but I squished it a bit to make it an oval. I then created a 1/2" tall flat relief using the lettering outline.

09 Sep

Lunar name plaque

Doug isn't like anybody else I know. By his own description he is part artist, sculptor, painter and mad scientist. His current logo is a rocket blasting off of a moon. Designing his name plaque is a snap

08 Sep

Checkerboard name plaque

With the  Sign Magic Workshop  now just over a month away it is time to get busy with the preparations. Each guest will receive a routed name plaque to take home with them. Through the years of the workshops I've designed and routed more than 200 of these name plaques - all different. they are a great way to learn the program! For Kyle I decided a checkered flag would be cool. I wanted it to wave both vertically and horizontally.

14 Apr

Paint MAGIC (part one)

Creating files in EnRoute is great fun! Watching the files become real as they are routed from Precision Board on our MultiCam still fascinates me, even after more than six years. But it is the painting process where the real magic happens