Vamp Graphics Keepin’ It Traditional

Working with so many sign makers means we see a lot of fantastic creations, some for fun, and some for work.

Adam Mooney sent us some pictures of a sign he made as a tribute to his archery roots, and the progression he’s made over the years. Having an interest in archery since his early years, he started out using a compound bow, and continued for 20 years. At a certain point he threw the shifter in reverse and went back to traditional archery, collecting and building longbows, keeping it Traditional Only.

Thus, he made this sign to showcase all the bows he’s built and collected over the years, and as a homage to his lifestyles, sign making and archery.

This sign is made using Precision Board Plus PBLT-30, PVC, and Modern Masters paint. See more of Adam’s work at:

One of Adam’s handmade bows:

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 12.59.14 PM








3-D Sign Samples: Let Your Work Speak For Itself!

Take a look at this beautiful 3-d sign sample made by Vamp Graphics in Holtsville, NY.


Owner Adam Mooney CNC routed the sign out of Precision Board Plus PBLT-30 HDU and painted it with Modern Masters to highlight Vamp Graphics 3-d capability to shop visitors.

Making a sample for your shop is a time-tested sales technique, especially since the majority of customers know nothing at all about the art of sign making. Nothing really compares to having an example on hand for a customer to see and feel, while at the same time showing off your shop’s skill level and expertise.

Be sure to also check out our also article featuring Vamp Graphics eye-catching Vampire-themed sign: Enter The Vampire’s Lair.

See the Vamp Graphics website at:



The coffee beans are made out of epoxy sculpting putty.



Sign Artistry For An Artist!

Take a look at this awesome sign made by Vamp Graphics! According to owner Adam Mooney, this sign was CNC routed from Precision Board Plus PBLT-18 HDU. The large globs of paint on the artist’s palette were formed using TSF-45, and the sign was painted using a combination of Valspar Duramax and Modern Masters Paints.

This isn’t the first great-looking sign we have seen from Vamp Graphics. Be sure to also take a look at his in-shop sign “The Vampire’s Lair”, and its build process in our previous blog: Enter The Vampire’s Lair.

More info can be seen on Adam’s website at:

HnAn3d copy




Enter The Vampire’s Lair!

We have recently heard rumors of a secret Vampire’s lair in Holtsville, NY that possesses a very unique sign.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 3.51.15 PM


The sign was made by Adam Mooney, owner of Vamp Graphics located in Holtsville, NY. While they are a full-service sign company, Vamp Graphics is no ordinary sign shop. They specialize in extremely custom 3-d signs such as these, and as you can see, they do excellent work.

Adam’s “Vampire’s Lair” sign is the winner of our February “Best Designed Sign” Facebook contest, and he  is currently awaiting delivery of his PB Resin prize.

The sign was CNC routed out of PBLT-18 and painted using Modern Masters Sashay Red for the background and Gold for the letters and edges. Depth was added to the sign with an application of a Modern Masters Bronze Glaze, which was applied by painting it on and wiping it off so it sticks only in the lower grooves.

The rope was sculpted out of Magic Sculpt, as were the large blood drips protruding from the bottom of the sign on the stakes. The stakes themselves are crafted out of Precision Board Plus PBLT-18. To see more of the amazing work done at Vamp Graphics, please visit:

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 5.01.17 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 5.03.51 PM