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06 Dec

CNC Routing Topographical Maps Saves Time & Money over 3D Printing

  • December 6, 2019
  • Tai Freligh

Are you currently spending the time and money to 3D print topographical maps and wondering if there is a better solution? That’s just what a customer asked Techno CNC Systems to look into.  Bob Valentine, an applications engineer at Techno, did a time study using one of their Titan CNC machines on Precision Board HDU..

22 Jan

Gibbs Graphics: The Weatherproof Sign Experts

It’s no big secret that some sign makers have it harder than others. It’s one thing to construct a sign for sunny, mild southern California, and quite another to make a sign that can stand up to harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. So many more factors come into play: Will it resist moisture? Will..

06 Aug

Speeds and Feeds

One of the more frequent inquiries we receive at Coastal Enterprises involves questions about machining Precision Board Plus HDU. For those that are experienced in working with the product, we typically hear things like, “this stuff cuts like butter” ,“my cutters last longer”, “I can set my CNC to a higher feed rate” or our favorite,..

15 Jan

The Ice Cream Laboratory

  • January 15, 2015
  • Steve Cornelius

Mark Blackford, owner of Signcraft in Santa Maria, CA sent us some excellent in-process pictures of a sign they made for Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab in Orcutt, CA. The sign was hand-carved from Precision Board Plus PBLT-15, except for the border which was cut on their ShopBot CNC Router. It was then painted using 1-Shot..

09 Jul

Waterjet Benefits For Your Sign Shop

Waterjets have been becoming increasingly more popular in sign shops due to their ability to cut any type of material that comes in the door.  As any sign shop owner will tell you, you can never predict the next job that is going to come in the door. Having the capability to cut anything is..