Priming High Density Urethane – Did You Know?

Did you know Coastal Enterprises manufactures a water-based primer that is high in solids, which is perfect for HDU, but can also be used on wood*, metal and concrete?

*Priming wood? Reduce FSC-88 with water by 25% to increase absorption and improve adhesion.

primerFSC-88 WB is a sprayable, brushable, rollable water based primer/filler that is used on Precision Board Plus HDU or any number of substrates prior to finishing with paints and coatings.

Use FSC-88 WB when a smooth surface is desired or when a seam line or small area needs to be filled.

It can also be used on any type of background, like sandblasted or routed textures as a primer. Make sure to dilute with water as necessary to obtain appropriate spray pattern. It dries quickly and can be sanded easily.

FSC-88 WB Primer/Filler is not just used for signage, but a variety of applications, including modeling and prototyping.

We have some helpful blogs on priming of Precision Board HDU:

There are resources available on our website for priming and filling with FSC-88 WB under the How To/Training Tips section.

Watch the how-to video for using FSC-88 WB Primer/Filler under the Training Videos section.  While there, check out other how-to videos for using the full line of adhesives, primers and coatings available from Coastal Enterprises.

In addition to free samples of Precision Board HDU, you can get free samples of our companion products, including FSC-88 WB to try for yourself.  Try a sample of FSC-360 WB Filler, which works well in conjunction with FSC-88 WB.  FSC-360 WB is a water based crack filling and repair material specifically formulated for use on Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane (HDU). It also works well on wood, metal, and adheres to most plastics. FSC-360 WB Filler dries quickly and sands easily. Use FSC-360 WB Filler for repairing scrapes, holes, or any type of damage.

Quality Signs come from Quality Material

With over 40 years of experience as a Sign-maker Danny St.Clair, owner of St.Clair Signs Inc., knows that quality signs come from quality material. That’s why when he and his son/business partner Matthew St.Clair were contracted by The Pete Store of Raphine to create these beautiful dimensional signs, he knew he had to use Precision Board Plus and Companion Products.

Priming back panel             Cut pb

The frame inside was for added rigidity, but mainly used as a frame to attach four bolts through the rear of the sign for mounting purposes. You can see the detail of this in the photographs.

The frame inside was for added rigidity, but mainly used as a frame to attach four bolts through the rear of the sign for mounting purposes.


For this project they used two 1in. thick pieces of 15 lb. Precision Board Plus, FSC-88 primer, PB Bond 240, FSC-360 WB. The CNC machining they outsourced to Harbor Sales (who also supplied their Precision Board Plus). “They did a great job of machining the material and have great customer service as well!” Says Matthew St.Clair.

Perspective view of final unmounted Final Mounted Service(1)

“This was our first time working with Precision Board Plus and Companion Products, we were very satisfied with the end results. We have been very impressed with the reputation of Precision Board and its versatility. One of our heroes is Dan Sawatzky, so we have been greatly impressed and educated by his experiences. We wanted something lightweight with the ability to be routed and this was it.”

Parts Final Mounted Front

Full Front sign

Mounted Final Exterior Sign

If you’d like to talk with Matthew or Danny at St.Clair Signs, please call 540-258-2191 or send an email to

If you’re interested in more information on Precision Board or to be featured in one of our blogs, contact us today!

Why does the owner of InterSign Group use Precision Board Plus?

Photo 21  final photo of Kiddie Coast sign

If you haven’t seen it yet – be sure to check out the latest issue of Sign Builder Illustrated!

This particular article was written by Mark Roberts, owner of InterSign Group in Houston, TX. Mark has been in business for 38 years and has been using Precision Board Plus HDU for at least 15 of them.

In this write-up you’ll see how Kiddie Coast came to life. The project took Mark about 3 weeks of production time from start to finish which included digital printing, carving and painting of Precision Board. This article also offers you, the reader, tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful sign such as this one.

“The ease of working with Precision Board’s larger sheet sizes and multiple densities, helps with any job he’s working on. Precision Board Plus is my preferred HDU material. I have always had success with it, and am an extremely satisfied customer,” says Mark.  He also uses the FSC-88 WB Water Based Primer/Filler as it allows for fast coverage of HDU, dries rapidly and sands easily.

If you would like to see more of Mark’s fabulous work, or would like information about his company go to or call him at 713-941-6338.

Coastal Enterprises offers samples of all products. Don’t forget to contact Coastal Enterprises Company for all your HDU. We are here for YOU!

Watch our training video on FSC-88 WB Water Based Primer/Filler.