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12 Aug

Precision Board Replaces Sheet Metal Architecture on Church Built in 1841

Calling it “one of the most technically challenging projects of his career,” the 40 foot long balustrade Will Williamson made for Old St. Mary’s Church in Detroit, MI is an incredible feat of craftsmanship. The church, built in 1841, had a once magnificent sheet-metal balustrade that had deteriorated over the years and was about to..

01 Jul

Rustic Signmaking With HDU: Glazing A Sign To A Cool Finish

Almost medieval looking, the sign crafted by Synergy Sign & Graphics for Teal Insurance practically looks like it was made with ancient wood and hardened steel. In reality, Synergy used 30lb Precision Board Plus and a combination of other materials to give their sign a rustic, aged look. We’ve worked with Synergy Sign & Graphics on..

20 May

How To Make Prismatic Letters Stand Out With Synergy Sign & Graphics

“If I were to have used a lower density, the prismatic letters wouldn’t look half as sharp,” says Jim Dawson, owner of Synergy Sign & Graphics. He’s talking about a sign he made recently for F.S.R.C. Tanks, Inc., boasting prismatic letters that came out sharp as a knife. Jim is the previous builder of the custom gearbox made..

25 Mar

Going Global With Insignia!

With a motto of “Helping you leave your mark on the world,” Orange, CA sign shop Insignia was well suited to tackle the massive 3-D globe project proposed to them by DOW Chemical. DOW requested the globe be lightweight enough for customers to lift, which was no problem for the creative minds at Insignia. According..

25 Feb

That's Not Metal, It's All In The Finish!

Its hard to believe it’s not solid cast metal, but this is a custom finish applied to Precision Board Plus by the artisans at Synergy Sign & Graphics in Strasburg, OH! This massive gearbox was built by Synergy as a showpiece for the front of their business as part of a recent Steampunk rebranding theme..

12 Nov

The Monument Sign of Tomorrow

Signs of The Times recently published a great article featuring one of our longtime friends, Doug Haffner, owner of Haffner’s Fantastic Creations, and the sign he made for Rhino Tools. What really impressed us about this sign is how it very obviously differs from the typical “monument sign” path of stone or masonry and a..

31 Jul

Whistle Punk Hollow Theming Job by Dan Sawatzky

Whistle Punk Hollow Adventure Golf in Squamish, BC is the newest recipient of an Imagination Corporation 3-D makeover. Precision Board Plus PBLT-30 was heavily incorporated into many aspects of the designs, including a massive train complete with Precision Board railroad tracks that turned out beautiful! As a side note, here are a few of Dan’s..

25 Jun

Building The Perfect Bunny: Soha Sign Co. Tells All

Hopper’s House Historic Cottage is the proud owner of a new, great-looking sign boasting a depiction of the loyal guardian bunny “Hopper.” Crafted by the creative minds at Soha Sign Co., the Hopper’s House sign is as sturdy as it is beautiful. Mike Starks, owner of Soha Sign Co., has been building signs for 25..

29 May

A Sign Is The Welcome Mat For A Business

Having a nice sign at a restaurant is imperative – it is the welcome mat for passersby and one of the best representatives of the business. Vic Holt, owner of Rev Art in Decatur, AL sent in some pictures of a sign he made for the “Back Alley Bistro“, a restaurant also located in Decatur...

27 Mar

LED or Neon: Which Do You Choose?

Our friend John Dungan at T. Ham Sign Company, whom you may remember from our story a few weeks ago about 19 Precision Board Signs For The Price Of 9 Wood Signs, sent in pictures of a Precision Board Plus backlit LED sign they recently made. Because they use up to 75% less energy than..