Quality Signs come from Quality Material

With over 40 years of experience as a Sign-maker Danny St.Clair, owner of St.Clair Signs Inc., knows that quality signs come from quality material. That’s why when he and his son/business partner Matthew St.Clair were contracted by The Pete Store of Raphine to create these beautiful dimensional signs, he knew he had to use Precision Board Plus and Companion Products.

Priming back panel             Cut pb

The frame inside was for added rigidity, but mainly used as a frame to attach four bolts through the rear of the sign for mounting purposes. You can see the detail of this in the photographs.

The frame inside was for added rigidity, but mainly used as a frame to attach four bolts through the rear of the sign for mounting purposes.


For this project they used two 1in. thick pieces of 15 lb. Precision Board Plus, FSC-88 primer, PB Bond 240, FSC-360 WB. The CNC machining they outsourced to Harbor Sales (who also supplied their Precision Board Plus). “They did a great job of machining the material and have great customer service as well!” Says Matthew St.Clair.

Perspective view of final unmounted Final Mounted Service(1)

“This was our first time working with Precision Board Plus and Companion Products, we were very satisfied with the end results. We have been very impressed with the reputation of Precision Board and its versatility. One of our heroes is Dan Sawatzky, so we have been greatly impressed and educated by his experiences. We wanted something lightweight with the ability to be routed and this was it.”

Parts Final Mounted Front

Full Front sign

Mounted Final Exterior Sign

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Terps Racing – 2012 Racecar Design

The University of Maryland’s Formula SAE team is a world ranked collegiate design group. Every year they design, build and compete an open-wheeled racecar. Competition includes almost 1000 different schools from all around the world, the University of Maryland is currently ranked 8th.

The focus of this year is an aerodynamic design featuring a complex undertray. The advanced design will add downforce to the car, which will allow it to turn at higher speeds without losing traction. This will lead to faster lap times.

High-density Precision Board Plus was donated by Coastal Enterprises and used to create a 3D model of the undertray. did the CNC machining, cutting machining time down from last year’s ten weeks to just several days. Once finished, the team applied an overlay of carbon fiber and Nomex to add stiffness and flame resistance to the design.

For more info about the UMD racing program check out: www.terpsracing.com/.