Looking For An Easy To Use Crack Filling & Repair Material?

FSC-360 WB is a water-based crack filling and repair material specifically formulated for use on Precision Board Plus high density urethane (HDU). It can also be used on wood and metal and it adheres well to most plastics. If you are looking for an easy to sand, quick-drying repair filler for use on multiple materials, then FSC-360 WB is the perfect choice.

FSC-360 WB can be used to repair scrapes, holes and most types of damage. In addition, it is compatible with all types of finish primers and paints.

Check out our step-by-step video to see FSC-360 WB in action!

Looking for a FAST-CURING adhesive?

Are you in the market for a fast-curing adhesive to use on high-density urethane, wood, metal or other materials? Coastal Enterprises manufactures PB Fast Set ,an adhesive made for all types of materials. Being remarkably easy to cut, carve and sand, as well as being waterproof and fully cured in 30 minutes, PB Fast Set is an excellent choice whether you’re bonding Precision Board Plus or other substrates.

Check out out brand new step-by-step video if you are interested in learning proper laminating techniques and decreasing labor time:

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