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12 Dec

Multicam East – 3 Day Sign Magic Workshop

MultiCam East will be hosting Dan Sawatzky’s 3 day Sign Magic Workshop in Hackensack, NJ, Jan. 15,16 and 17 2013. Dan shares not only his CNC routing “secrets”, but also the many tools and methods he uses to finish his signs and themed environments. Along with Dan, EJ Nodurft from will provide instruction on 3D..

03 Oct

Dan Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

Perhaps one of the most innovative forces in the signage industry today, Dan Sawatzky and his Imagination Corporation are a household name among many sign makers. Dan has been a friend of Coastal for many years and is a huge fan of Precision Board Plus, especially the higher densities such as PBLT-30 and PBLT-40. Kellie Miller, our..

09 Jan

Keep Your CNC Router In Tip Top Shape

  • January 9, 2012
  • Admin

MultiCam Canada, a CNC manufacturer, recently shared an interesting tweet about maintaining a CNC router. Many times when router maintenance is being performed, certain critical components of the CNC are overlooked. Check out what MultiCam has to say on keeping your CNC router in tip top shape.