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03 Nov

How it’s Made: Fabricating a Composite Truck Cab

Since 1999, Daycab Company, in Rockwood, TN, has been using composites to retrofit class 8 commercial trucks with sleeper cabs to day cabs. Why would anyone be interested in having the sleeper cab removed, and a composite day cab installed you ask? Once a commercial truck gets to a certain age, many fleets will not..

20 May

Suffolk University – 3D Design with Precision Board

Suffolk University Students Design with Precision Board HDU Precision Board is a truly user-friendly medium for art and design. It allows even the most entry-level artists, architects, and designers to create a tangible object from just an idea and some rudimentary tools. Whether the objective is structural, architectural, or abstract, anyone can design with Precision Board! Creating..

20 Jan

Laser Cutting Foam Precision Board: OSHA Approved, Highly Effective

Laser Cutting Foam Precision Board with Universal Laser Systems For those with access to the necessary equipment, lasers can be an effective means of cutting, engraving, and marking various materials. High power, high-wavelength Carbon Dioxide lasers are widely used for material processing, namely for their versatility and relatively low cost as compared to solid-state laser..

21 Oct

Coastal Enterprises at SAMPE Tech Wichita!

  • October 21, 2013
  • Admin

Coastal Enterprises is proud to announce we had a great time exhibiting at SAMPE Tech in Wichita! We exhibited with our new booth and offered free samples of Precision Board Low Temp (PBLT, 200˚) and Precision Board High Temp (PBHT, 300˚). If you haven’t had the chance to talk with us at one of our..


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