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10 Jun

Fast shipping tooling board: Don’t settle for long lead times!

Fast shipping tooling board: Check out our 52-second video to see how we do it! We understand how important it is to get the material you need, exactly when you need it. That’s why Coastal Enterprises maintains such a large inventory: It’s fast and easy to ship Precision Board that we already have in stock! We excel at..

06 May

The Sign Invitational Retrospective ( Part 3 of 5 )

So what do you do when your the new kid on the block in a room full of the most creative sign makers in the world? Well, you sit and listen to all of them of course… That is what I did at least. I have been watching and hearing about the contestants for months, so of course, I was going to pick their brains! Only I really didn’t have to ask or pry they openly started giving tons of advice, tips and tricks right out of the gate. That’s what makes this industry great.

29 Apr

The Sign Invitational Retrospective ( Part 2 of 5 )

Aubrey Gealsha, our newest team member and Illustrator extraordinaire, took the time yesterday to write about her first ISA visit and getting exposed to the sign industry in such a big way at ISA 2016. I leave you with the words straight from her mouth. ( She’s pictured on the left… ) The past two months here at Synergy have been a non stop crazy adventure. We have been working long hours not only as contestants but as event organizers as well

13 Jan

The InterSign Group: Classic Style, Wood Not Required

Signage professionals and followers of the Coastal Enterprises blog will know the name of Mark Roberts. As the owner and operator of The Intersign Group for thirty-nine years and counting, Mark is an undisputed master of the sign creation process from concept to installation. We like to think of Mark as the embodiment of one of our favorite..

10 Apr

ISA Sign Expo 2015 is here!

Staying busy at the ISA Sign Expo 2015. One of the largest ISA shows to date, estimating an astonishing total of 20,000+ people this year. Only one day left to attend! Don’t miss your chance to stop by and see us over at Booth #5971.

22 Jul

Southwestern-Themed Signage & Art: Dan Keith Spotlight

Famous for its Southwest Cuisine, rich cultural heritage and popular extra-terrestrial hangout Roswell, New Mexico is a diverse and unique location. San Acacia resident and Jack-of-all-trades Dan Keith has been an artist all his life and has compiled such an amazing array of Precision Board projects (sculptures, signs, patterns, and more), that we’ve decided to showcase a portion of..

26 Jun

Hot off the Grill! HDU & BBQ Make A Great Combination

Summer’s here and BBQ season is about to move into full swing. In addition to the savory aromas emanating from their restaurant, Bailey’s Smokehouse in Blauvelt, NY, also has a brand new lighted Precision Board HDU sign, beautifully crafted by KDF Reprographics, to attract customers. Sign Builder Illustrated published a great article documenting how the sign was made..

25 Sep

Marvelous Masterpiece: Custom Precision Board Fish Tank

When we first saw the custom Precision Board fish tank KDF Reprographics had made, we were awestruck. “That should be on T.V.”, and “I’ve never seen anything like it” were comments heard more than once. A little background on this amazing project; you may notice that it says: “Institute For The Study of Mechanical Marine..