The Texture Makes The Difference!

Make a world of difference to your sign with the addition of a little texture.

Carol Kaufman, owner of Watseka Sign’s, is a fan of both our PB Resin and TSF-45 textures, and uses them frequently on anything from signs to windmill blades to tail vanes.

Carol was nice enough to send us some pictures of her work, much of which is mounted on Alumalite, for all to see.

For those who may be unfamiliar, TSF-45 is an extremely tough, flexible coating that can provide interesting, protective textures to materials such as Precision Board, concrete, wood, steel, glass and galvanized metal. According to Carol,:

“The TSF-45 curing time allows for sculpting and shaping, and you can build up the shape by adding additional layers if needed. Because the TSF-45 is a soft paste, you can sculpt with anything on hand, and like the rooster you can stick objects into the paste and it will hold, as well as take any type of paint.”

PB Resin is a two-part clear epoxy resin that can be mixed with lettering enamels to quickly and easily create a high gloss, smooth texture, color finish. PB Resin offers a “hard raised dome effect” that can be tinted with enamel One Shot or gilded after curing. Unlike vinyl it will not peel, curl or crack with age. It offers a more permanent choice for lettering or graphics. Using it on the galvanized wind mill tail vanes and fins has worked where vinyl and paint would not hold up in the extreme weather.

Watseka Signs is located in Watseka, IL and has been making signs since 1991. They specialize in dimensional and custom painted signs, murals and digital graphics and designs. For additional information, please visit:

Rooster is TSF-45 and the rest of the sign is PB Resin. Substrate is Alumalite.


PB Resin. Books are sculpted with TSF-45.

PB Resin on Alumalite.


PB Resin on top of Alumalite. Picture is coated with a clear coat of PB Resin.

PB Resin on a windmill tail vane for a farm. Congratulations to Carol on this innovative application!DSC_9137[1]

PB Resin used to “tip” the ends of windmill blades.


PB Resin on another windmill tail vane.


Simulate Wood Grain, Stucco and Other Textures

Many times we talk to customers who are interested in giving their sign a wood-grain finish but do not have access to a sandblaster, time for their router to carve wood grain, or are looking for a more custom finish. Coastal Enterprises offers two different surface coatings: PB Hardcoat and TSF-45 for just this reason.

PB Hardcoat is a rock-hard protective coating that can be used to simulate wood grain, stucco, stone and other textures – all without needing to prime the substrate.

Check out our step-by-step PB Hardcoat video here:

TSF-45 is a tough, flexible coating that can be finished using the same methods for finishing cementitious-type plaster products. It can be swirl textured, skip troweled, stucco finished, stipple finished, or used to simulate wood grain. No primer coat is needed, and paint can be applied directly to it.

Check out the step-by-step TSF-45 video here:

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