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11 Jan

Using Multiple CNC Passes to Get Clean Edge Detail When Routing HDU

When James Spouler with Mainland Woodworks got the job to update the signage at the Southlands Riding Club in Vancouver, BC, Canada, he used 15lb and 18lb Precision Board HDU to give the signs some depth and durability. Spouler also used multiple CNC router passes to get clean and deep lettering. Read on to see..

18 Oct

Welcome to the new!

The Website Has Been Redesigned! New landing pages for Signage & Tooling Applications. “We know that time is money,” said Chuck Miller, President of Coastal Enterprises, “so we simplified the home page with buttons for the most popular Precision Board HDU applications- tooling and signage.”  He added, “now you can quickly access resources and..

26 Feb

Dan & Peter Sawatzky’s Fantastical Hazelnut Inn Signs

Coastal Enterprises, manufacturers of Precision Board HDU, is proud to announce a series of guest blogs written by Dan Sawatzky of Imagination Corporation, which will be posted on the Precision Board Blog at the end of each month.  In this month’s entry, Dan tells us how they created the signs to go with the three suites in..

05 Sep

Add Shine to Your Sign with a Chrome Coating

When Jim Dawson from Synergy Sign & Graphics got the call from his friend Steve at Liquid 3D Design about collaborating on chrome coating of signs, he was intrigued.  Steve asked him to carve a 3D sign out of Precision Board PBLT-30 so that he could practice his chrome spraying technique.  Jim decided to make two..

10 May

Meet Rob Estes, Hand-Carving Signs with Style from Paducah, KY!

Rob Estes, of Brushstroke Signs in Paducah KY, wants everyone to know that hand-carving is still alive! Rob has been making signs since 1985 and has always been an avid hand carver and hand painter.  He’s been using Precision Board Plus for years for his dimensional signs and does not own a CNC, and he..

20 Oct

Fantastically Rich, Beautifully Strange: Workspace Renovations with Synergy

Workspace Renovations with Synergy Sign and Graphics Every once in a while, a skilled sign maker finds his workspace in need of some sprucing up. For top-tier craftsmen who make their living churning out beautiful, skillfully executed creations, it’s only natural that they’d want their creative space to reflect the art that they’re capable of. Today,..

29 Sep

Hogging the Spotlight with Xpressive Graphix: Perfecting the Multi-Material Display

Xpressive Graphix Gives a Master Course in Complex Dimensional Displays Xpressive Graphix, a sign and display design group out of Zanesville, Ohio, recently got the chance to go hog wild on a job: Creating a massive, ten foot tall yellow pig display! Rittberger’s North Market needed an eye-catching installation that would promote their brand and bring in..

25 Aug
dimensional signs sheet sizes

The No-Limits HDU: Dimensional Signs of Any Size

Precision Board: Widest Variety of Sheet Sizes for Dimensional Signs For signage professionals, no two projects are ever exactly the same. Every sign or display requires its own unique dimensions, different surface finishes, and special considerations that need attention. Since projects can vary so significantly, the worst thing for a skilled sign maker is to be..

09 Aug

Business Signs by Gibbs Graphics

Gibbs Graphics cracks the code for memorable HDU business signs Gibbs Graphics is a full-service marketing team based out of Leavenworth, Washington. With a talented team of artists and designers on their roster, they can tackle the marketing needs of a company from top to bottom. This includes designing and building some very cool dimensional business signs..