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05 Sep

Add Shine to Your Sign with a Chrome Coating

When Jim Dawson from Synergy Sign & Graphics got the call from his friend Steve at Liquid 3D Design about collaborating on chrome coating of signs, he was intrigued.  Steve asked him to carve a 3D sign out of Precision Board PBLT-30 so that he could practice his chrome spraying technique.  Jim decided to make two..

02 Aug
Steel frame 3D camel sign

3D Camel Puts “The Zone” Sign Over the Top

Are you thinking of creative ways to add 3D elements to a relatively 2D sign?  When The Zone children’s summer camp in the Catskills Mountains of New York needed their sign redesigned, they got in touch with Jim Dawson at Synergy Sign & Graphics in Strasburg, Ohio.  They wanted a design based on their mascot,..

05 Jun

Laser Engraving and Precision Board HDU

  • June 5, 2017
  • Admin

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about whether or not Precision Board HDU can be laser engraved.  It absolutely can!  We decided to take a closer look at laser cutters in general and how they interact with our HDU material.  Our good friend Jim Dawson from Synergy Sign & Graphics LLC tested out..

31 Mar

Synergy Sign & Graphics: A New Angle on Branding

These days, branding comes in more varieties than you can shake several sticks at. There’s a dizzying array of social media outlets, email marketing techniques, and online advertising tactics that all promise to bring unparalleled exposure to your business. Now, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing new and exciting branding strategies, but they can make it..