TSF-45: Creating Durable and Flexible Sign Textures

Looking for a tough yet flexible product that easily allows you to simultaneously add texture, protection and value to your signs? Whether for environmental reasons or the desire to use a material that lasts longer and performs better than wood, Sign & Model makers are increasingly turning to wood substitutes like Precision Board Plus. And with TSF-45, it’s easy to create the look of wood grain on a more environmentally-friendly substrate that will last much longer than wood.

Used right out of the can and requiring no mixing, TSF-45 readily adheres to Precision Board Plus HDU, as well as a variety of other substrates such as concrete, wood, steel, glass, polystyrene, even galvanized metal. As such, it works well for blending and texturing dissimilar sign elements and is great for dressing up steel poles, etc.

Application Tips

Apply TSF-45 with a trowel, spatula, hopper, or Painter’s Mitt. Apply in two coats. Work first coat directly into surface and be sure to achieve total wet out and intimate surface contact. Apply sufficient material during second coat to allow the surface to be worked into the desired effect. First coat does not have to completely dry prior to second coat. Use trowel, spatula, other flat tools, or stipple rollers to achieve varying textures. Add a wood grain effect with a comb or tongue depressor, or experiment with other implements you have around the workshop. See our TSF-45 data sheet for additional data and complete application instructions.

When dry, TSF-45 has the consistency and durability of the bottom of an athletic shoe. It is completely UV stable and does not need to be primed prior to finishing. Since TSF-45 remains flexible, be sure to use a paint that can tolerate some movement.

A Protective Coating That Saves Time and Adds Value


Looking for a tough, versatile, flexible texturing product that is fun and easy to work with, adds value to your signs and sculptures, while saving you time? After years of working with sign makers and listening to their feedback on available products, we developed PB Hard Coat to fulfill these requested attributes.

We understand that the sign business is labor intensive. Profit margins are often made or lost according to the labor saving processes the sign maker is able to employ. Using a variety of application techniques, PB Hard Coat enables the sign maker to achieve a wide range finish textures such as stone, granite, wood, stipple/stucco, or even the look of bronze casting, all from a single product. PB Hard Coat then hardens to a rock hard finish, dramatically increasing the durability and longevity of your works.

PB Hard Coat is a non-flammable, non-hazardous 2-part water-based product that can be applied in any thickness. With good initial wet-out, PB Hard Coat will permanently bond to just about any surface including Styrofoam, wood, metals, fiberglass and of course Precision Board Plus HDU. PB Hard Coat can be adjusted to a thicker or thinner consistency, depending on the desired texture. To extend the approximate 30 minute working time, simply spray a light mist of water over your surface. Clean up is easy with warm, soapy water. PB Hard Coat accepts any kind of paint without priming. For exterior installations, use appropriate exterior paints.

PB Hard Coat applied to look like granite (rough & smooth)

Texturing With FSC-88 WB

Dan Sawatzky is known for using a wide variety of interesting textures in the signs he creates. One technique he is fond of using is applying FSC-88 WB with random brush strokes to add texture to routed letters. To quote Dan, ” I don’t want my signs to look like a machine made them. I want them to look handmade.” With Dan’s technique you get all of the benefit of a routed edge for achieving clean paint lines, while introducing an interesting hand-crafted look. Adding fine details like this helps you command premium dollar for your signs.

And the finished product is stunning! To read more about the techniques used to produce this sign, visit Dan’s blog post . Or follow other Dan Sawatzky projects at Speaking From Experience.