Great American Sign Co. Wins USSC Award with PBLT-30

Gary Johnson, owner of The Great American Sign Company in Basking Ridge, NJ, is the proud winner of the 2013 USSC Non-Illuminated Building Sign Category with his Precision Board sign.

Gary used Precision Board Plus PBLT-30 CNC machined on a Gerber Dimension 200 CNC Router using software for the hemispherical logo, and rust-induced steel for the curved panel. More info about the making of this award-winning sign can be seen in this excellent SignCraft article: “What’s it cost to produce this fascia sign?


Sign Solutions Wins 2013 USSC Award With Precision Board Sign

Coastal Enterprises would like to congratulate Sign Solutions, LLC. of Frederick, MD, for winning the 2013 USSC Award for Best Multimedia Sign.


This eye-catching sign was CNC routed from Precision Board PBLT-30 and features hand-carved wood grain and LED lights held within a 4″ cabinet to match 1861 Saloon’s western theme.

According to owner Tim Ward, “The wood grain was simulated into the Precision Board using CNC reliefs on the face and hand techniques on the sides. The 6″ thick pieces with the simulated wood grain practically make the sign look like it consists of actual wood railroad ties.”


The sign features Maxbrite LED’s behind translucent red lenses. The black material between the letters is actually 1/4″ aluminum that is removable, allowing for easy access should anything ever happen with the LED’s or their drivers.

Tim used FSC-88WB Primer/Filler to prime the sign because he likes how well it adheres to textured surfaces, and painted it with Benjamin Moore paints, which is his go-to paint for most projects.


“The available range of densities, coupled with the finishing properties like the ability to easily add wood grain or other textures makes Precision Board the perfect choice for 3-D projects”, says Ward.

Sign Solutions has been in business since 1996 and is a true full-service sign company, offering a broad range of signs including electrical and 3-D, as well as theming services. For more info, please visit:

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