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31 Jul

Whistle Punk Hollow Theming Job by Dan Sawatzky

Whistle Punk Hollow Adventure Golf in Squamish, BC is the newest recipient of an Imagination Corporation 3-D makeover. Precision Board Plus PBLT-30 was heavily incorporated into many aspects of the designs, including a massive train complete with Precision Board railroad tracks that turned out beautiful! As a side note, here are a few of Dan’s..

05 Jul

Whistle Punk Hollow Adventure Golf project done!

Yesterday, we put the finishing touches to Whistle Punk Hollow Adventure Golf. It was a good sized project that kept us busy for a little better than five months. Many of the components were designed in EnRoute, and machined from 30lb Precision Board on our MultiCam. This allowed us to produce a better product, and much faster than if we had done it all by hand. Here's a virtual tour of the finished project.

20 Jun

Rail plates

The rails for the train require plates and spikes to make them look authentic. These will be glued into place but once finished with the rust paint will look pretty convincing.  The vectors were pretty easy and all created inside EnRoute.

19 Jun

Riding the rails

One of the last items we need to design and create for the WhistlePunk Hollow project are the train rails that will be up on the trestle. The train actually sits on some sturdy angle iron and the rails will be just for show. It made perfect sense to machine them from Precision Board rather than source and purchase the real thing. For the end closest to the public I decided to use 40 lb HDU and for the rest we'll stick to our usual 30 lb board. The rails are to be machined in halves from 1.5" thick Precision Board

13 Jun

Onsite work

I absolutely love designing in EnRoute on the computer and then routing our pieces on the MultiCam but the truth is that this most often gets us about 50% of where we are going. It's a good thing I also love to do the hand work and finishing. The WhistlePunk Hollow Adventure Golf project is now in it's final stages after more than six months of production. All of the features except the small signs we built with the help of the software and machine are now installed

29 May

25 dimensional signs in a hurry!

The MultiCam has been kept running plenty of hours as the fronts and backs (and middles too) of the hole markers and rules signs have been cut.  The files were very large with all of the woodgrain detail and were cut overnight while I slept. While the rule signs were being cut I laminated the hole markers. Each had a piece of 3/4" plywood laminated into the center to ad strength and also provide a secure attachment for the screws.

25 May

Hole number markers

May has been one of my most frantic months I can remember in some years. At long last I seem to be getting my feet under me once more. After a week of having no time to build files I have at last got back to my desk once more. The WhistlePunk Adventure Golf signs are the next thing to be done. It is not often we do batch work where multiples of similar signs need doing but a project like the golf needs just that.

01 May

Train on the trestle

Yesterday was an exciting day as it was time for the second delivery to the WhistlePunk Hollow project. Each time we make a delivery it is a fun drive with lots of waves, wows and thumbs-up along the way

31 Mar

Building a train – part 16

I posted pictures and a small writeup of the log car that would accompany the steam locomotive on the Whistle Punk Hollow Adventure Golf project. That article covered creating and routing the face of the log which would act as a giant sign. Around that we welded up a framework of quarter inch thick steel bar, then attached expanded lath to that framework.