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18 May

2D Routing the Precision Board Firehouse Signs

When Tony Rose and David Mattingly with Xpressive graphiX and Signs in Ohio created the signs for a local fire station, they used Precision Board HDU PBLT-15 with some exterior LEDs to give the building some pizazz. Tony tells us how he saved time 2d routing these signs and still made them look great. “We..

30 Apr
3d modeling

3D Modeling the Weasel Boy Brewing Co. Signs

When Weasel Boy Brewing Co. needed to replace their parking lot and building signs with something a little more noticeable, they contacted Xpressive graphiX in Zanesville, Ohio to do the work.  Tony Rose used 15 lb. Precision Board HDU and 3d modeling to save fabrication time.  He talks us through his creative process on updating the brewery..

24 Aug

Xpressive graphiX: Lighting up the Sign Industry with LED Part 2

Have you considered the benefits of using Precision Board HDU to make a dimensional LED sign?  According to Xpressive graphiX in Zanesville, Ohio, the advantage of using HDU over a metal cabinet is that you can add textures and 3D elements and get a lot more creative. To get design tips and learn more, we talked to buisiness..

26 Jul

Xpressive graphiX: Lighting up the Sign Industry with LED Part 1

Have you ever wondered about the advantage of using Precision Board HDU with LED?  According to Xpressive graphiX in Zanesville, Ohio, you can get far more creative with Precision Board versus a standard aluminum cabinet.  Push-through letters can always be added, but it will be extremely hard to get something dimensional.  The advantage of using HDU over..

29 Sep

Hogging the Spotlight with Xpressive Graphix: Perfecting the Multi-Material Display

Xpressive Graphix Gives a Master Course in Complex Dimensional Displays Xpressive Graphix, a sign and display design group out of Zanesville, Ohio, recently got the chance to go hog wild on a job: Creating a massive, ten foot tall yellow pig display! Rittberger’s North Market needed an eye-catching installation that would promote their brand and bring in..