AXYZ Open House This Week in Anaheim, CA

Coastal Enterprises in Orange, CA, was a must-stop location for Noel Archie with AXYZ International, Burlington, ON, Canada, when he came to town for their Open House.  He needed some last minute training on PB Resin for his sign he’s making with Precision Board for their Anaheim location.  They’ll be running different models and configurations of machines to show AXYZ various lines of machinery.

A catered lunch will be served along with two days of educational seminars focusing on sign production, plastic fabrication, aluminum composite processing, and phenolic based cladding fabrication.  Stop by the open house on Wednesday 5/17 and Thursday 5/18- we’ll be there and we’d love to see you.  RSVP at or call Nicole Silaphet at 800-361-3408 x286.

Check out our training videos for tips on using Coastal Enterprises’ companion products and get a taste of what Noel got a crash course in at our headquarters!

Sculpting Abstracts with Stan Carpenter

After teaching for 15 years, and being involved in the custom home design industry for 20, Stan Carpenter decided it was time for some real fun, and started sculpting Precision Board Plus.

With a background in the custom home design industry working with architects and homeowners to create dreams, Stan Carpenter perfected his skill of drawing over the years. Later on, painting murals became his passion, and that eventually progressed to sculpting. He was drawn to the fact that he could carve into Precision Board Plus and paint over the top for a smooth finish. He also enjoys the fact that HDU resists his tools nicely, the edges stay sharp and can hold their shape for a “crisp” look.

Many of these sculptures are available for private purchase, and can be seen on Stan’s website at:

Precision Board Plus with lots of metallic acrylics:

Precision Board Plus laminated to plexiglass. Colored resin was poured into the transparent openings once the surface was developed:

Additional Precision Board Plus sculptures, some with layers of bronze, some with paint:

The Texture Makes The Difference!

Make a world of difference to your sign with the addition of a little texture.

Carol Kaufman, owner of Watseka Sign’s, is a fan of both our PB Resin and TSF-45 textures, and uses them frequently on anything from signs to windmill blades to tail vanes.

Carol was nice enough to send us some pictures of her work, much of which is mounted on Alumalite, for all to see.

For those who may be unfamiliar, TSF-45 is an extremely tough, flexible coating that can provide interesting, protective textures to materials such as Precision Board, concrete, wood, steel, glass and galvanized metal. According to Carol,:

“The TSF-45 curing time allows for sculpting and shaping, and you can build up the shape by adding additional layers if needed. Because the TSF-45 is a soft paste, you can sculpt with anything on hand, and like the rooster you can stick objects into the paste and it will hold, as well as take any type of paint.”

PB Resin is a two-part clear epoxy resin that can be mixed with lettering enamels to quickly and easily create a high gloss, smooth texture, color finish. PB Resin offers a “hard raised dome effect” that can be tinted with enamel One Shot or gilded after curing. Unlike vinyl it will not peel, curl or crack with age. It offers a more permanent choice for lettering or graphics. Using it on the galvanized wind mill tail vanes and fins has worked where vinyl and paint would not hold up in the extreme weather.

Watseka Signs is located in Watseka, IL and has been making signs since 1991. They specialize in dimensional and custom painted signs, murals and digital graphics and designs. For additional information, please visit:

Rooster is TSF-45 and the rest of the sign is PB Resin. Substrate is Alumalite.


PB Resin. Books are sculpted with TSF-45.

PB Resin on Alumalite.


PB Resin on top of Alumalite. Picture is coated with a clear coat of PB Resin.

PB Resin on a windmill tail vane for a farm. Congratulations to Carol on this innovative application!DSC_9137[1]

PB Resin used to “tip” the ends of windmill blades.


PB Resin on another windmill tail vane.


Enter The Vampire’s Lair!

We have recently heard rumors of a secret Vampire’s lair in Holtsville, NY that possesses a very unique sign.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 3.51.15 PM


The sign was made by Adam Mooney, owner of Vamp Graphics located in Holtsville, NY. While they are a full-service sign company, Vamp Graphics is no ordinary sign shop. They specialize in extremely custom 3-d signs such as these, and as you can see, they do excellent work.

Adam’s “Vampire’s Lair” sign is the winner of our February “Best Designed Sign” Facebook contest, and he  is currently awaiting delivery of his PB Resin prize.

The sign was CNC routed out of PBLT-18 and painted using Modern Masters Sashay Red for the background and Gold for the letters and edges. Depth was added to the sign with an application of a Modern Masters Bronze Glaze, which was applied by painting it on and wiping it off so it sticks only in the lower grooves.

The rope was sculpted out of Magic Sculpt, as were the large blood drips protruding from the bottom of the sign on the stakes. The stakes themselves are crafted out of Precision Board Plus PBLT-18. To see more of the amazing work done at Vamp Graphics, please visit:

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 5.01.17 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 5.03.51 PM

Companion Products For HDU – Prime, Texture, Laminate & Bond!

Interested in trying out some of our Companion Products? Your local distributor doesn’t have them in stock?

No need to worry! We always have all of them in stock at Coastal Enterprises – TSF-45, PB Resin, PB Hardcoat, Adhesives, Primers and Fillers. As long as we receive an order from your distributor before 1:00PM PST, it will ship from our Orange, CA location the same day, right to your door if needed.

This means that you can put on that high-gloss PB Resin protective finish on your sign, or use the right adhesive to laminate those Precision Board Plus sheets because you will receive what you need promptly!

All of our Companion Products have been designed for use on Precision Board Plus HDU, and can also be used on many other materials. Trust what the experts use when crafting a professional sign. Want to try before you buy? Contact us for FREE samples!

Also be sure to check out our full gallery of step-by-step videos.

Also check out this Precision Board Plus sign made using PB Resin. Created by David Sherby at SherWood Sign & Graphic Design in Crystal Falls, MI.