Michigan “3 peats” Solar Challenge

Demonstrating their engineering prowess, the University of Michigan’s Infinium completes the 1100 mile race just 2 hours ahead of the University of Minnesota’s entry.

The American Solar Challenge is a competition to design, build and race solar powered cars cross country in a timed rally-style event. Held every summer for the past 20 years in North America, the 1200- 1500 mile event pits some of the world’s best and brightest engineering students in head to head competition.

With the latest victory, the University of Michigan becomes the first team in the history of the Challenge to win three consecutive National Championships. Coastal Enterprises is proud to have assisted the Michigan team in their efforts to advance solar power and renewable energy technology, by donating Precision Board Plus tooling board.

To learn more about the University of Michigan Solar Car Team, you can follow their blog at http://solarcar.engin.umich.edu