FSC-88 The Most Versatile Primer On The Planet


After listening to sign makers for years tell us about their dissatisfaction with available primers, we created FSC-88WB. Spray it, brush it, roll it or squeegee it on, this one-part water-based product easily adapts to your chosen application method.

FSC-88WB is a high-solid content, high-build primer, perfect for the closed cell structure of Precision Board Plus since all sanding needs to occur within the build of the primer.


Time Saving Tip: Using the “squeegee technique” described in our application video, followed by some minor sanding, allows you to fill minor imperfections and achieve a very smooth, paint-ready finish with minimal time and effort.

Though easily sanded to produce an ultra-smooth finish, FSC-88 WB can also be used with various brush techniques to create interesting texture for your signs (see related story).

Regardless of the application technique you use, be sure to achieve full wet out with your first coat of FSC-88 WB. Never sand between coats and use a shop fan (not radiant heat) to achieve complete drying prior to painting your Precision Board Plus sign. Check out our all our How To tips for smooth-finishing and priming with FSC-88 WB.

Download our FSC-88 WB Data Sheet for complete application instructions.