FSC-360WB Repairs Cracks…and Mistakes

Get a bit too aggressive with the sandblaster? The sign you just finished have some surface damage needing repair prior to finishing? It happens. And when it does you’ll be glad you have some FSC-360 WB Putty on hand. FSC-360 WB is a high quality, water-based putty specifically designed to repair damage that may occur with Precision Board Plus during carving or machining.

Simply apply to the damaged area using a standard putty knife in “lifts” of about 1/8” to 1/4” thick, waiting approximately 30-45 minutes between lifts for FSC-360 WB to firm up. FSC-360 WB is easily sanded and is compatible with all types of finish primers and paints. FSC-360 WB can also be used as a “general purpose” repair putty for a variety of materials such as wood, metal and most plastics.

To accelerate drying, use a large fan to create a draft across your work. Never use radiant heat, including direct solar heat to facilitate drying. Cleanup with FSC-360 WB is easy with warm soapy water.

For complete application instructions, see our FSC-360 WB product data sheet or go to our Video Library to watch our new FSC-360 step-by-step application video.