PB Bond 240 Turns Scrap HDU Into Inventory

One of the best ways to get the most from the Precision Board Plus you’ve purchased is to carefully plan out your “maximum yield strategy”. Frequently, it will be more economical to bond more than one piece of Precision Board Plus to create unique shapes or thicknesses, versus building your sign from a single block. PB Bond-240 one-part urethane adhesive allows you to assemble your rough sign blank prior to final routing or shaping, creating a custom block that performs as if it were cast as a single piece.

PB Bond-240 is a versatile one-part urethane adhesive that is ready to use right out of the container (no mixing).  It fully cures in 12 hours, allows for maximum working time, and you’ll find many uses around your workshop. Great for both interior and exterior applications, PB Bond-240 also works well on wood, metal and most other materials. With PB Bond-240 on hand, you’ll quickly see your leftover HDU turn into “usable inventory”.