Resins Cut Time and Increase Profits

When your design calls for a durable, ultra high gloss finish, one of the best and most efficient ways to achieve it on a variety of substrates including HDU, is by using resins such as PB Resin. Once you have the application techniques down, resins can cut time and allow greater profit margins for your signs because they require less surface preparation and can often produce the desired finish in one application.

We formulated PB Resin especially for use with Precision Board Plus HDU and as a compliment to other paints and enamels, such as OneShot Lettering Enamels, that you may be using in your workshop. PB Resin is a clear two-part modified epoxy resin that produces an ultra-smooth finish without any priming or sanding. It can be applied clear and then painted, or lettering enamels can be mixed into the PB Resin itself to achieve any color tint (except white because it may yellow over time).

Application Tip: 

Q. “How much lettering enamel do I add to PB Resin when tinting” ?  

A. Not much. Approximately one tsp. per 8oz. of PB Resin is a good starting point. Make sure you mix in your lettering enamel thoroughly for one minute (no shortcuts!). Test by placing a drop of your tinted PB Resin on a printed page. The right amount of tint is just enough to block out the print.

For more application tips and complete application instructions, view or download our PB Resin Data Sheet.