Turning HDU into Bronze Works of Art


Santa Barbara sculptor Larry Rankin has been using Precision Board Plus for years to create his bronze sculptures. His career spans more than 30 years and though his abstract works range in size from 6” to 7.5’ tall, he prefers working with large sculptures which can be found in living rooms, corporate settings, sculpture gardens and in front of large buildings and public facilities.

Precision Board Plus is a great material and offers many advantages in my field, says Larry. It’s rigid and light weight, making my sculptures easy to move. It carves and sands easily and it is available in a range of thicknesses up to 24 inches.

Larry also likes the fact that Precision Board Plus can be cut into manageable pieces, making his 3 dimensional molds easier to construct. If Larry isn’t taking wax mold and wants to add texture, he’ll use PB Hard Coat. It’s easy to apply for a versitile texture and tough finish.

Not surprisingly, Larry Rankin has won numerous awards for his art, including Best of Show for sculpture at the 2007 ArtExpo. To see more of Larry’s work or to read some of his poetry, go to larryrrankin-sculptor.com. His work is also currently featured at Lake House Galleries in North Hollywood, CA.


Larry’s Tips For Sculpting Precision Board Plus

  • Use a marking pen to draw the lines you want to carve
  • Cut larger pieces with an electric chainsaw, but be careful. Power tools require a lot of control and Precision Board cuts easily, so you may want to use hand tools until you get a feel for the material.
  • Blades from electric carving knives make great carving tools. I wrap tape around the end to serve as a handle. Yard sales and thrift stores are great places to find blades.
  • Use sand paper with foam backing for detailed shaping. It’s very flexible.
  • When finished, seal and paint your Precision Board sculpture to get an idea of what the final casting will look like. This allows you to make any adjustments prior to casting.