Counter inlay and other progress

Progress continues on many fronts at the Fox & Hounds pub. Because so many people are working in a small space we have to be very flexible, often working on three or four areas in a single day. Today was one of those days. Things are getting completed however.
A number of weeks ago I used EnRoute to create files of a simplified logo. This file was taken to my MultiCam dealer and he kindly used the MultiCam water jet cutter to cut the pieces from stainless steel and brass. I gave the pieces to the fellow who was casting the concrete countertops for the new bar. Yesterday they arrived at the pub at last and look fabulous! The logo is about 24″ tall and appears in two places on the bar. It adds a very classy detail to the project!
The temporary floor came down revealing the London rooftop for the pub patrons. It is giving everyone a first glimpse of what is to come in the other parts we have been working on. 
I’ll be posting some new pictures soon that will show the many other areas of progress around the pub. It is all coming together quickly now.

Published with permission from Source.